It’s a Writer intention to write for the right audience and his/her write up to reach a wider number of people. But to meet this manifesto, there are a lot of basic things to know and put into consideration. How Do I Write Compelling Articles For the Right Audience? Is a big question which burder a lot of readers, and that is what I’m discussing today with you.

10 Incredible Simple Tips to Write Compelling Articles
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Someone once asked me this question: “WHO ARE MY READERS? HOW DO I IDENTIFY THEM?” Maybe not in the way and manner I have written it. If you fall in this same category, this post is really for you. That’s the reason I decided to bring to you;

How Do I Write Compelling Articles For the Right Audience??


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1. Know Your Audience First: However, knowing your right audience requires time and hardwork.

So who are these people? They are;

  • Your best readers.
  • the people who are interested in the ‘themes’ and topics you like and share.
  • They consist of other writers in the same or related field as you are.
  • They comprise of writing and publishing agents, and promotional companies.
  • They comprise of critics and other industry notables.

These groups of people have their unique purposes, and they bring different qualities to your community/fan base. The more perspectives you have to draw from them, the more insight you’ll have.

So when once you know this people, you are free to start your writing draft and mingle your thoughts around them.


2. Don’t write to please people;

For 3 years, I wrote to please others. I did it, not because I wanted to add value, but to feed my ego. If the reason you write is for recognition, then you need to make some U-turn.

To meet a larger audience, provide contents with simplify terms and with pictures.


3. Don’t write to get published;

Writers don’t write to get published. They write for another reason. This is the first and only lesson every writers must learn.


4. Don’t write to get published;

Real writers don’t write for recognition. They don’t do it for fame, accolades, or notoriety. They do it because they cannot do without writing. By their gifts and under the authority of a higher calling, they are compelled to create.


5. Have an over-sight of your audience need;

Try to wonder, dream and express your thoughts in writing.


Real writers wake up every morning with something to say. Even if the words have yet to come. They discipline themselves to start writing. Forsake every excuse and justification.

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6. Don’t Ponder on how it will take to meet your targeted audience;

Wondering on such things are not relevant, but what is essential, what cannot be neglected, is that you just need to begin from somewhere.

Real writers do not begin the day with aspirations of seeing their words in print. Nor do they dream of being stopped on the street to be congratulated for their genius.

This is natural, of course. This desire to be heard. To be acknowledged as an artist. But ultimately it corrupts the art, the pure desire to create.

We must put these ideas of fame and reward to death. They have no place in the creative process.

The true writer simply shows up. Ready to do the work. Whether the work is successful or acknowledged is not important. Creating is our primary concern.

Real writers do not need inspiration or an audience to begin. They know, without question, that their greatest adversary and ally is themselves. And that they are not alone.

Real writers recognize that there is a hidden force. Acting upon them. Guiding them. And leading them.
The wisest writers call upon this force, taking the time to learn how to wield it well. They do this every day.

But this is not an excuse to wait. It is a call to begin. To honor the gift. To show up. Even without applause.


7. Build a Good Relationship with Your Existing Audience;

What makes your real audience different from everyone else who read your works, is the kind of relationship you have with them.
By relationship, I mean the kind of engagement that you have with them as they read your articles or blog posts.

This level of engagement is valuable to you as a writer, because the more people who are paying attention to you, the more authority you command and the more customers you can sell products to.

Are there people you’ve come across on social media, who provide wonderful feedback about something you shared? You might be leaving a lot of money on the table if you’re not considering building relationships.

Once you take the time to build relationships with your readers online, you will be seen as an expert and someone with a vision. Instead of you chasing people to buy your books or pay for your courses, your audience take the stress away from you.



8. Give them the right attention they require;

Moreover, you must give them the individual time and attention that they deserve. Know what exactly they are looking for and also provide solutions to them at the right time.

The right audience can promote you and the products that you want to sell. Let me know your thoughts.

Are you the type that snub your readers when they leave a reply on your post? If yes, you are not doing good. Find time to reply every comments to encourage them to do more and also provide solutions for them.



Some days ago, I shared some tips to enable writers create articles on frequently. But for the sake of new members who are eager to know, I will emphasize it again.

If you’ve read this article “8 SIMPLE TIPS TO HELP YOU WRITE ON A REGULAR BASIS“, then you are aware of the principle

Many writers claim they don’t have time to write due to work, family, school, etc. I used to be part of a mastermind, and there, out of the total population of aspiring authors, 70% said “Time” is the no. 1 reason they’ve not been able to publish their books.


This was one of my weak point some years back, because I’m the kind of Guy that love engaging in a lot of creative arts, I’m a Website designer and developer, at the same time I’m a Freelance Writer with a lot of clients queueing in.


But I still find time to impress my audience needs.

Even though I understand that time can be a scarce resource to many of us, I strongly believe that once there’s a right reason, then you’ll make writing a priority in your life. What do you mean by writing for the right reason?


From my study, the reason writers procrastinate when it comes to writiing, is because you don’t understand the science behind motivation.


Let’s say you set a goal at the beginning of the month to write for 15 minutes every day. You quickly start writing the next day. But after five days, all the excitement is gone, and you’re back to zero motivation.


If you’re going to practise this habit successfully, you will have to check with yourself to see where writing actually helps you fulfil a particular purpose in your life; like making extra dough, becoming an thought leader, healing when you’re depressed, etc.

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Writing becomes easy, and you do it with consistency when you link it to a specific purpose – Your Big Why.
There’s got to be a “real” and identified purpose first, in other for the action to become less difficult.


If you want motivation to accomplish any goal, clarity is always the starting point. Once you’re clear what the goal is or action you should be taking, your energy is high, ideas begin to pop-up and you start acting immediately. Passion is what makes consistency cheap.



Then writing becomes a priority or a “Big Rock”, and the way to schedule it is to PROTECT YOUR CREATIVE TIME.



Finally, Profitable writers, musicians, painters, and other artists tend to work in well-defined work cycles or routines.


They set aside specific hours of day to do creative work, and block this time on their calendar.


You should do the same if you want to complete the first draft of your writing project. The best way to accomplish this is by using a tool that is available to every single person – YOUR CALENDAR.


Uninterrupted creative time needs to get scheduled into your calendar, and you need to defend it, if you want to be serious about creating content and making a living as a writer.


I always like to say, “If it’s not on the calendar, then it’s not going to happen. If it’s not scheduled, you should just forget about it.”


To be productive, and get your content out to your readers, you need to be disciplined about the use of time and the days that you’ve been blessed with.



Again, the whole point of this is simply…Writers don’t write to get published. They write for the love of writing. True or False?

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I believe the above 10 tips will help you write articles with the best interest at heart – for your targeted audience. Let me know how this post helped you. Drop your views in the comment area.

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