SEO is becoming more social all the time. Undoubtedly, the best way to get traffic to your website or blog. Learn the following ten SEO tips and they will help you get more free traffic from Google, which can build your business in a powerful way.


10 Quick SEO Tips To Boost Your Search Traffics


Ten quick SEO tips every marketer should follow today

1. Remember that SEO always changes
Search engines update their algorithms, and competitors are always trying to boost their own ranking.


2. Great content for one site is not great content for another

Quality is a fluid concept, and one that is closely tied to relevance.

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3. A site needs to be trusted to stay on top
Secure sites (using HTTPS) might have slower load times, but can be more trusted, resulting in a higher rank overall. Thats why Blogger put the feature. You can enhance it at, your blogge dashboard settings if you wish!


4. View like a search engine, but think like a user
Never allow your site to be developed just for search engines, but don’t forget their particular needs.

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5. Search engine optimisation is not something that happens overnight
Good SEO takes time, and bad SEO (such as sp*m links) can cause lasting damage.


6. Mobile searching is a lifestyle change
Users want immediate answers to real questions. Make sure your site is able to answer those questions.


7. Duplicate content can cause damage to your site’s ranking
Running a programme such as Copyscapeor even searching for an exact phrase can help you ensure your content is unique.


8. If a site has been blocked from SERPs, you can’t demand that it be reindexed
It’s much easier to avoid a search engine penalty in the first place.


9. SEO is an essential part of any marketing plan
Much of everyday life is conducted online, so getting a top ranking is crucial to any business’s success.


10. A site’s authority comes from authority
The better the pages that link to your site, the higher you will rank. Having ten excellent links is always better than having 10,000 links that aren’t relevant or from authority sites.

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Boost Blog Search Traffic With This SEO Tips 

SEO is alway evolving, While not every marketer will take on every tip here, it’s worth keeping in mind that SEO is an always evolving task. A great marketer should never walk away from a website and assume that what worked when the site was set up will always work.

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Keeping on top of the biggest ranking factors – quality content, relevance, and authority – is a long-term process, but one that can help you ensure the SERP rankings you want and need.


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