Recently on social media, I talked about my upcoming SEO offer for bloggers or website owners that wants their website or blog posts to appear on Google first page.

Keep scrolling down if you’re among the website owners that wish to boost their website or blog rank / position on Google SERP.

This SEO offer will help you achieve all your search engine optimization objectives, so instead of wasting your time without achieving positive result, why not hire a pro to get the task done for you the right way without getting your blog penalized.

What are the features of this SEO package?

In this SEO service, here are what you’ll get;

1. On-page Search Engine Optimization

a). I’ll run a full audit of your website, if it’s slow, I’ll work on the page loading speed. With my premium page speed plugins I’ll make sure your blog loads faster.
Because that’s the major factor that will help your blog visitors to stay when they actually click your website from search engines (Google).
Besides, Who wants to remain in a dull web page?

In my previous post, I explain dull loading web pages as a factor that can destroy or kill your SEO efforts, read the things that hurt SEO, which you probably didn’t know.

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b). I’ll check your Yoast SEO plugin settings. Customize it, create xml sitemap and check your robot.txt file for errors.


c). I’ll audit your blog posts, add h2, h3 tags where necessary.


d). I’ll submit and verify your blog or website on this major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) and make sure they index and crawl your site.


2. Off-page Search Engine Optimization;

a). I’ll submit your website sitemap to top search engines (Google etc)

b). I’ll manually create social bookmarking backlinks on top web 2.0 sites.

c). I’ll build quality .edu backlinks (on DA 70-100 edu sites)

d). I’ll give your website or blog over 3500 social signals and shares.


Unlimited Social signals for your website
Example of social signals

e). I’ll configure Google rich snippet for your website (in case you don’t understand this, search the word Abtechblog on Google or Bing, the links you’ll see below the search result is what is called “Rich Snippet”). rich snippet display rich snippet display

f). Google voice search configuration; voice search is currently on the rise as internet users use voice search to find products and services online. So if your blog isn’t configured for Voice search that means you’re missing out.


Benefits of Abtech SEO Services

Since we’ve seen the features of this SEO package, now let’s see the benefits of this SEO service:

  1. It will increase your website search engine visibility score.
  2. If you order this SEO package, your blog Alexa rank will relatively drop
  3. More search engine traffic is equals to more conversions, more sales, more earnings. Because the real buyers come from search engines.
  4. You’ll beat and kill your competitors in search engine.
  5. Your website Domain/Page Authority (DA/PA) will increase.
  6. Your web pages will load faster
  7. You’ll have 24/7 support, which means you can ask and get solutions, among others.
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Wouldn’t Google ban or penalize my blog or website?

No, this package is 100% safe for Google penguin, panda etc. The backlinks wouldn’t index at once.

[inlinetweet prefix=”I’ll use my premium backlinks indexing tool to index the backlinks gradually. ” tweeter=”Abasetop” suffix=”#Abtechblog #abtechSEO #Seo_services”]I’ll use my premium backlinks indexing tool to index the backlinks gradually[/inlinetweet].

So no worries!


Who are you to do all these?

I know that after going through all these write-ups, this may be the next question that flow into your head.

Abasifreke Asuquo Etop
Abasifreke Asuquo (founder

I’m a web developer, I own and manage some couple blogs.

I don’t love calling myself an SEO expert sometimes because of the mindset built around it.

I own and manage Abtechblog.


My previous SEO Work samples

Sure, though I don’t brag about my previous SEO works and achievements, please permit me to do that today!

#1 work sample:  I’ll love to start from my blog, I rank some technology related keywords, NNU income program keywords (which is highly competitive), powerhouse affiliate keyword, and most recently, 2nd position on FOMO publisher network keyword.

The blog has page speed score of 86 on mobile and 80 on PC according to Google page insight.

How do I get on Google first page?
My website page speed score according to Google page insight


#2 work sample:  I setup full Search engine optimization, (both on-page and off-page) for Crystago,com.

And according to Alexa, the website has 65% search engine traffic. Etc.



Enough of the stories…

I have 2 major packages which is the mini and max SEO packages. You can choose the one that match your budget.

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#1. Mini SEO package features

a). Major on-page search engine optimizations as explained above (10 pages audit)

b). 500 social bookmarking sites backlinks (web 2.0 backlinks)

c). Submission of sites to major search engines and verification.

d). Submission of sitemap to major search engines.

e). 500 high quality .edu backlinks

Price: $55 (NGN 20,047)


#2. Max-Combo SEO package features

a). Major on-page search engine optimizations as explained above (whole web-page audit)

b). 2000 high quality backlinks

c). Submission of sites to major search engines and verification.

d). Submission of sitemap to top search engines

e). 1000 Quality .edu sites backlinks (DA 70-99 which is equals to 1000 .com backlinks)

Price:  $99 (NGN 36,350) only


What if I don’t have the required result will there be a refund?

Sure! On the off chance that you’re not satisfied with the result, I promise a full refund of your money if you don’t see the required result after 21 days.



This is a limited offer. It’s available for the first 10 to book this offer.


Final thoughts

With this SEO service, you’re assured to boost your website rank on top search engines like Google. So instead of spending money on Google ads and Facebook ads, order this SEO service and boost your website ones and for all.

PS: Success begins with an action!

I wish you the best. Stay blessed!
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A passionate web developer, tech blogger and Blockchain enthusiast... I love giving solutions through my writings on my leisure time. Feel free to reach me via email for collaboration etc.
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