Blogging requires a considerable amount of hard work  and skills in otfer to acquire the trust of the web crawlers (Search engines)  and your audience.

Furthermore, new bloggers need to consistently take a shot at their sites to have a noticeable and  fruitful blogging career. 


There are a considerable measure of things that you should do to achieve your webpage or blog to make progress, for example, exposure and the support of the web indexes. Be that as it may, the most critical thing is to update the blog or your webpage routinely.


The Common Benefits of Updating Blog Regularly

Updating your blig frequently has the below benefits:

  • Boost SEO
  • Boost blog Traffic
  • Enhance Alexa metrics
  • Enhance pagerank
  • Pull in Advertisers
  • Increase Conversion rate and sales


1. Boost SEO:  Updating a blog or website frequently and regularly has one of this amazing benefit of boosting Search engine optimization (SEO). 


Search engines like Google loves updated webpages the same way users love sites that updates it’s content frequently.


So you can gain Google trust and increase your chance of appearing on top search engine result pages (SERP).

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  1. Boost Blog traffic: I believe this should ring in your mind after reading above that updating a blog or website frequently boost blog SEO and Search engines rank. 

In another case, personally, I love to visit websites that post relevant fonts regularly so that I can digest and benefit.


I believe you also love that too!  You wouldn’t tell me that your response is “No” because we all love updated platforms.


Same with your blog users and readers, if you want to turn them to frequent users, start updating frequently, it may not be everyday due to your blog niche.


Updating a lot of contents,  in the sense that your readers are stuck up and they’ve not finish one post and you drop another one can equally scare them away.


So have a schedule, if you’re posting every two days,  make sure you stick to it so that your audience will be conversant with your publishing schedule.


  1. Enhancing ALEXA

The best approach to enhance your Alexa rank and metrics  is to refresh your blog the time, so on the off chance that you concentrate on your blog Alexa metrics and take a unique enthusiasm for it, post regularly and make frequent  blogging an approach to boost your ranking on Alexa.

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  1. Enhance PAGERANK

When you update a blog once a day, this will attract the web crawlers.

This is the most critical factor to get a higher positioning in the indexed lists, so in case your blog isn’t performing well on Google, you’ll require the dedication of frequent blogging.


Update your blog like every day and all the time and after that,  high rank in the list (SERP)  items will show up.


  1. Pull in ADVERTISERS

Advertisers are searching for  blogs  with updated contents,  low positioning in Alexa and considerable Domain Authority and  PageRank.


Without much stress, you can pull in an ever increasing number of sponsors, which  is a great approach to gain cash.

Giving careful consideration to online contents that give unimaginable doubts can pull in an expansive number of guests.


6. Increase Conversion rate and sales

On the off chance that I dealt with blogging consistently and every day, by presenting a restrictive and unmistakable contents, the guest audiences may transform into a supporter perpetually.


As the relationship keeps growing, it may consequently turn to a frequent visitor of  your blog, and can even purchase some services from you through your blog.


What are the benefits of Updating the Blog Daily? | The Finish line

For what reason would it be a good idea for us to update  our site or our blog routinely and what are the advantages of every day blogging?

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Below are the breakdown or digest of the above detailed post;

  • Helps to boost blog on Search engines
  •  Gives a quick indexing and helps build trust with the search engines.
  • Increase Alexa positioning and get a high PageRank
  •  Help build loyal blog followers
  • Attract more readers and high traffic.
  • increase revenue by attracting advertisers.

Quality writing is everything so keep in mind to update  your blog all the time,  in order to pill in much benefits and remember to connect with me via my social media platforms to learn more in digital marketing from Scratch.


What are your own benefits and viewpoint? Please share with us in the comment area!

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7 thoughts on “What are the Benefits of Updating a Blog Regularly?

  1. Hii Abasifreke,

    I have a question. Hope you can answer me. I want to know the difference between a blog page and sales page. Which can bring in more leads? And which one will be raked higher on SERPs – given the same content and number of backlinks.

    I want to target a keyword in SERPs which can bring in more leads. I am quite confused whether to publish the article as part of my website like or publish it on blog Will it make any difference?


    1. Hello, Himanshu,
      Having a blog or sales page is one decision that is always bothering a lot of peoples that want to kickstart their online platforms.

      The both of them has their different merits and choosing whether to use a blog or a sales page in the index depends on your objectives and goal of your website as well as the niche too.

      But if chosen wisely, the outcome can be phenomenal. Below are some guidelines :

      • If you want to sale your products, offer services on your website, its better to choose a sales page on the index. While the blog page can be internal (/blog).

      • if your aim is to target sponsored posts and advertisers then go for a blog page.

      Note: We at Abtechblog can assist you on setting up a blog page or a professional sales page of your choice.
      Learn more here:

  2. ” If you want to sale your products, offer services on your website, its better to choose a sales page on the index. ”

    Exactly why? Can’t the same results be achieved with blog? I want to know the reasons and also please throw some lights on it in terms of SEO perspective!

    Thanks 🙂

    1. as regarding the SEO aspect, BOTH blog and sales page performs well on SERP ,

      note; higher ranking on search engines depends on the website’s domain authority.

        1. You’re welcome!

          Always feel free to connect with me on my different social media platforms if you have any problem!

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