Now is a fantastic time to start concentrating on attendee engagement in your live events as life begins to open up. Developing techniques to engage your audience and enhance audience engagement can provide everyone with the missing link. That stands true for virtual and hybrid events just as much as it does for in-person events.


You don’t have to rely on claps and cheers anymore. Instead, audience participation tools may be used to allow attendees to interact with your event type. Furthermore, free audience participation apps are not necessarily expensive because attendees already have the equipment in the form of their phones and tablets in their bags and pockets.


Even though the market is flooded with various tool options designed to ensure event engagement, we have compiled a list of a few best tools that work brilliantly to take your audience’s engagement to a whole new level. 


Let’s get started! 



Most Recommended Tools To Boost The Engagement Of Your Audience 


  • Taggbox Display 

First up on the list is the Taggbox Display, a comprehensive tool that is designed to create engaging social media walls. A social media wall is basically a customized collection of social media content from various social media platforms in one place. 


The Taggbox Display enables the users to collect content over 18+ social media platforms using their preferred connection type. The tool comes with a wide range of features that can help its users improve the visibility of their social media walls. The users can choose from a variety of styling options right from themes, fonts, templates, themes, etc. 

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Best Suggested Tools For Event Engagement

The tool offers a panel exclusively for moderating the content before making it live. Users can remove any unwanted or inappropriate content from the social media wall to ensure premium quality content always. Taggbox display also enables users to track the performance of the social media wall by offering detailed insights. 


Apart from this, the tool offers automatic instant updates and a back support team for assisting users every time they come across an issue while using the platform. Overall, incorporating social media walls is a sure shot way to increase audience engagement and the Taggbox display is the best tool to create and publish them. 


  • Quickmobile 

QuickMobile is a polling and feedback tool that allows users to vote, rate, or respond to multiple-choice questions using their smartphones. 


Presenters may not only compose questions ahead of time, but they can also start a poll on the go, allowing for a fully participatory session and allowing them to customize their presentations based on the audience’s responses. Because it is mobile-friendly, both in-person and virtual participants may effortlessly participate.


  • LoQuiz 

Games are a terrific way to engage an audience, and LoQuiz’s integrated question library makes it simple to create a range of games and quizzes. It may also assist you in creating custom treasure hunts that use photographs or text-based clues to lead participants. 


The program, which is run on a tablet by a designated team leader, employs GPS for outside locating and a unique hint system for inside question mapping, making it ideal for events of all sizes.

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  • Crowd Mics 

Crowd Mics is a free app that converts the phones of the crowd into wireless microphones. This is very handy during forum-style events or other situations when a roving microphone is required. The software pairs with an ATOM box, which connects to the venue’s wired network and sound system.


Meanwhile, the moderator controls who talks using an iPad app interface. Crowd Mics also provides polling and commenting features.



  • Glisser 

Next up is Glisser. During a presentation, presenters can use Glisser to share slides with the audience’s mobile devices. Audience members may then like, comment on, or share the slides on their social media accounts.


Attendees can also save the slides on their computers for future reference or to share with coworkers. It eliminates the need for printed handouts for conserving the environment and making it more convenient for attendance.



  • Snapbar 

The next tool on the list is a virtual photo booth tool – Snapbar. If you are hosting a virtual or hybrid event, then this tool is a great option.  

Snapbar lets you compile all of your attendees’ images into a post-event collage or movie – a terrific way to promote your business! It also allows guests to customize their images with a virtual background, humorous digital stickers, and text.


Virtual picture booths are a great addition to any hybrid or virtual event, especially if you can’t get all of your guests together in person. While many live events include a live photographer, online events may use a self-serve virtual photo booth to accomplish the same objective. Virtual guests will still feel like they are a part of the event in this way. 

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  • Meeting Pulse 

The last tool on the list is Meeting Pulse.  Event planners may use MeetingPulse to make their presentations more engaging for their audience. You can organize live polls, surveys, raffles, quizzes, and Q&A sessions that are completely personalized to your company. 


Live Q&A sessions are an excellent method to extract valuable information, answer questions, and tailor event content to the specific requirements and interests of your audience. While the same old method of giving presentations has its advantages, its biggest limitation is the limited interaction with the audience. Q&A sessions provide a more customised, two-way conversational experience, allowing participants to have a better knowledge of the topic discussed by the speaker.



Let’s Wrap It Up!


Concentrating on engagement will be even more crucial in the future, with continuous engagement being essential. There are new areas to investigate, such as hybrid events, which may let you reach a far larger audience — and audience interaction tools can connect virtual and in-person attendees like never before.


After all, if someone has actively participated in the event, they are significantly more likely to look forward to your upcoming events. 

We have reached the conclusion and you are well acquainted with the best tools to ensure audience engagement. All you need to do is pick up the best tool that suits your needs and get going with the preparations. 




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