Public speaking isn’t an easy task especially when it comes to a large audience you aren’t familiar with. But yet, there are some few tips to help you become a better public speaking artist and Influencer. Why do these two words “Speaker and Influencer” come together? Consider the below scenario;


Imagine seeing a person that pull the crowd when his/her name is mentioned even before climbing the stage the audience stand on their feet clapping because they know that he/she has something to offer (this what we call public influencer). If you are unable to influence your audience, then they will influence you. And until you are able to influence them that’s when you’ll become a good speaker.


If you’re an aspiring Speaker, perhaps, you’ll love to be in such category. If so, ride on with me as I reveal six pro tips to becoming a better speaker and Influencer;

Top 6 Pro Tips to Becoming a Better Speaker and Influencer

• Be confident!
If you go onto any stage shaking like a baby, say “bye bye,” to your speaking career. Confidence does not mean you raise your chest, wear a smirk and bounce in, no. Confidence is feeling like the stage is your sitting room.

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Confidence is being able to laugh like crazy on stage, show your wacky dancing skills or talk about your most embarrassing moment.

You know that feeling you have when you’re sitting beside a friend whom you know is not ashamed to do anything in your presence, right? That’s the way your audience would feel if you’re confident.

Instead of blushing and feeling embarrassed if you almost fall on stage, why not be like, “Thank you all for that attempt but my village witches are stronger than yours!”
That’s the confidence I’m talking about.


• Be a friend not a teacher!
You know the way you feel annoyed at that lecturer who is so bossy, right? That’s how to turn off your audience. Becoming friends with your audience is my way of saying create engagement the moment you step on stage.

I was speaking to a group of teenagers on how to leverage social media and instead of going, “Keep chatting and wasting your time while you’re not making any money. Your mates are greeting rich while you are just….blah blah blah…..”

I was like, “Hey peeps! Who loves selfies better than me?” Hands were up.

We went for like five minutes snapping like crazy and I collected five of their IG handles and followed them. We did a short Snapchat video and said all the crazy things we say on Snapchat.

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By now, I was a “friend” not a “speaker” and my message was later given huge reception and testimonials are still rolling in.
Understand your audience and become a friend.


• Proper presentation!
I won’t say much here just that don’t bore your audience with your ugly face. Come along with something that would take their attention periodically from you. Could be a slide for projection, an object, a fruit, anything. I watched a world renowned speaker give a presentation and guess what he brought on stage……Cigarette! I’m not advising you to do same but just come with something catchy and intriguing and see how your audience will pay attention to you.

You may have something gorgeous to offer but a poor presentation may kill it.


• Be a story teller!
Tell stories, experiences, histories, etc. Attach a story to your prop.
Let me ask you this: How many speeches, talks or lectures do you remember? Probably, just the ones that have stories in them. That’s the magic.


• Come with an activity!
Don’t just come and rant and leave. Come with an activity that would show the validity of your presentation. Period!


• Leave like the boss you are!
Don’t leave an audience with your weakest point. Don’t leave them on the lowest note.
Let your presentation climax.

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What next?

I’m offering a 7 days free workshop on becoming an internet influencer! Amazing right? Yea, if you want part of this, it’s quite simple. Just send an email to with subject as “Abtech Blog Free Workshop” or follow on several social media platforms to know more.

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Wrapping up

That’s how it goes, l believe if you use these tips, you get the best from public speaking. I know you have a lot of ways you do yours as well, so use the reply area below to tell us how you benefit from them.

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