Search engine is still the best way to drive quality organic traffic to a blog or website but you’ll only benefit if it’s discoverable on the top of search engines result page. If you own a professional website or blog, making it discoverable on search engines result page for your desired keyword might be your aim.
Therefore, in this guide I’m going to outline some major ways you can actually make your blog or website appear on top of search engines result page (SERP) fast.
1. Make Sure Your Site is Indexed
To have your website among the top search engine ranks, it is important that your website is compatible with different search engines, and indexed by them.
Manual submission to Google, Bing, and Yahoo is a good place to start, and I also recommend using the free ProfitInstrument Quick Indexer tool by profit instruments.
Another simplest way is to search “submit URL” on Google. Insert your web URL and submit free.
2. Write and Publish Exceptional Content on your blog: it’s Essential for SEO Success
Gone are the days when backlink and page authority was the key ranking factors.
In today’s Search Engine Optimization world, quality contents play important role just as quality product does. 
In this case, Make sure your webpage content is as informative, original, and fresh as possible.
Visitors will only revisit your website if the content makes good impression, so strive to over-deliver and provide massive value for your readers.
If content is exceptional people will be more likely to share it. Even if it means publishing less often I recommend really taking your time with the content you publish.
Another secret is that the only way to beat your competitor is to provide quality contents on your blog and that’s just same with SEO.
3. Smart Keyword Placement
As soon as you know what keywords to use, it’s time to implement them properly.
Write content that has the right keyword ratio without stuffing in the keywords awkwardly.
Your content should deliver as much value as possible, focus on delivering value, not stuffing the keywords you want to rank for into your content.
Do not try using too many keywords in a webpage in the hope of availing good traffic. Doing this can create adverse results.
Your webpage keyword density should not be more than 3% in total if you really want to rank number one in Google’s front page.
4. Build a Strong Internal Link Network
Internal linking is a smart way to build your PageRank without having to go out and acquire inbound links from other websites.
That’s what we call On-Page SEO.
The stronger internal link structure it has, the more effective your website will be.
Search engines prefer websites with strong internal links, and when you build internal links you can use the exact keywords you are trying to rank for as anchor text.
5. Analyze and Optimize your Website on Regular basis
Not just keyword research, you should also concentrate on the performance of your website. There are many tools and applications that allow you to track the statistics of your website easily.
Google Analytics is one such tool that you can install to have a check on your website traffic, most used keywords etc.
I use the WordPress plugin Google Analyticator so that I can check my traffic stats directly from my dashboard.
Having a thorough update about your website’s traffic and performance is a must need in order to decide on the SEO strategies to apply for maximum benefits.
6. Socialize With Your Audience
Interaction and communication are the prime principles that rule today’s age.
If you want to attract increasing volume of traffic to your website, banking on the benefits of social media is an option worth trying out.
Always share your blog post to Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter etc.
Interact, converse and connect with potential customers through the networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and promote your company to the maximum.
Having a corresponding Twitter account is a must for each website I am seriously.
7. Customize Your Meta Descriptions
Although Google does a very good job of finding an accurate description snippet, by using a custom meta description you can control exactly how your website is previewed by search engines like Google.
I usually only bother tweaking my meta descriptions if I notice one of my articles is getting plenty of search engine traffic.
The WordPress plugin SEO Ultimate is a solid SEO plugin that makes it easy to select a post or page, and then quickly customize the meta description.
8. Outsource Your SEO
SEO takes time. Many people are too busy to invest many hours into SEO activities.
SEO takes a lot of work and you can really speed up your progress by outsourcing your SEO work.
I plan to outsource my SEO in the very near future, as my time is better spent working on more creative aspects of my business.
When I do outsource my SEO my plan is to go with SEO partner.
If you want to do your own SEO you can look at the services they offer and do the same things in order to get the same results.
9.  Keyword Research is Effective
In SEO, the first and foremost need that you should maintain to monitor is proper keyword research.
To get good ranking in search engines, first you need to come up with the right choice of keywords or phrases that a visitor might provide with when searching for any product or service.
Make a list of the most popularly used keywords with help of various SEO tools such as Google Keyword Tools, Word tracker etc and focus on the objective of attracting maximum number of visit.
You can use Google tends as a free tool or get a premium Ahrefs Account for proper keyword research.
10. Utilize Google AdWords
On the off chance that you want to see result fast, you can use Google AdWords service to make your brand or business website appear on the top of search engine result page.
The picture below explains Google AdWords listing:
Boost search engine result page position fast


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 What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertising copy, product listings, and video content within the Google ad network to web users.

How Does Google AdWords Works as Regards to Increasing Search Engine Result Page Position?

These are some things you should know about google AdWords:

  • Google AdWords’ system is based partly on cookies and partly on keywords determined by advertisers.
  • Google uses these characteristics to place advertising copy on pages where they think it might be relevant.
  • Advertisers pay when users divert their browsing to click on the advertising copy. Partner websites receive a portion of the generated income.
Do you have any cool SEO tips? If so let us know in the comments below!
Picture credit: OnDigitalMarketing
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