Helo folks, I’m Abass the CEO of ABTech Blog, in recent times I’ve been recieving lots of questions from people who want to make money online asking me; ”if I want to make Money online, where and how do I start from and what can I do to make money online?

web design promo

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The truth is that there are so many Internet businesses anyone including you, can easily start to make money, what you need is to pick one and Focus on it.

Personally I have been making over $3, 000 every month with just one of the internet business, which is just a dime compared to what some of my internet colleagues are bagging every month. But I’m satisfied because it’s paying my bills and putting food on my table and that is what I am going to show you right here and trust me you will start making money form it.

However, let me stop there before it turns to a personal matter thread. Now let me focus on most of the intriguing offers we have for you guys.

As part of my hobby, I love collaborating with individuals and this was the main reason I thought of kick-starting this exclusive offers thread so as to collaborate with a lot of my follower, post-web-owners, existing-web-owner. Internet marketers etc.

ABTech Blog Cheap Web Design Promo for All

To be honest, It’s our first web design promo this year!

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It’s time for another discount over here at ABTech HQ, and to , we are designing basic websites for just this month at $199 (N69, 999) only instead of the normal $250. Offer end October 31, 2017.

Available slots: 10
See ongoing deals here

Note: this package is open to just ten lucky individuals. So take action now!!!

We are offering you a website design promotion that will cut you the stress, time and money and also give you the opportunity to have a professional website design for your business and services, organisation, school etc.

Features of this website design promotion include;

  • Website Design of 5-Pages
  • Domain Name Registration ( Free for one year)
  • WordPress Hosting Space of 2000MB (Free for one year)
  • Unlimited custom emaill address as the space can take
  • Sub-Domain
  • Integration of Social Media Platform
  • A Free professional logo design
  • One Contact Form
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Training on how to use it (we can still manage or develop the website as well)
  • A free Ebook on how to monetize your website in less than 2 months (worth $25)

These are all the features we have on this package for you. Don’t miss out as this the opportunity for you to have your own website. Design and implementation (delivery) time-line is 3 – working days.

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All this package goes for just $199 only. Isn’t that affordable? Yeah of course, so take action today as just Limited slots are available.

Therefore, Claim the offer here.

Other Services in our Cheap Promo Package

  • Graphics & Design | price: Negotiable
  • Digital Marketing | price: Negotiable
  • Writing & Translation | price: starting from $5 $15
  • Editing & Proofreading | price: starting from $3 $10
  • Programming & Tech
  • Advertising | price: starting from $19.9 per month $100
  • Social media Consultation and Live coaching | price: Negotiable

This is just the right plan you need to unlock that which you so desire for a very long time.

For more information call 234(0)8163636696 abasetop@gmail.com

We don’t want anybody to be left out, so take action today. If you have any question or suggestion, use the comment area below to share your thoughts.

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21 thoughts on “ABTechBlog Promo: Cheap Website / Graphic Design, SEO Setup etc

  1. Great post! A lot of people are learning how to make money on their blogs or websites and you have a wealth of information here.

  2. Graphics are very important to blogging and business and it can cost a bundle. Thanks for sharing ways to save.

  3. Getting started blogging and making money can be quite challenging! It’s awesome that there are companies out there that specialize in the education of getting the ball rolling. Good luck with your promotions!

  4. Getting started blogging and making money can be quite challenging! It’s awesome that there are companies out there that specialize in the education of getting the ball rolling. Good luck with your promotions!

  5. You’ve got a cool little business going on out there, don’t you! Awesome job. Definitely something to consider.

  6. Wow, this seems like a great deal. Like many bloggers, or maybe it’s just me, I still have so much to learn. I find it difficult to balance a full time job, all of my social channels, write content AND learn how to optimize my site for search engines. It is great you offer services like these.

  7. this is really informative! thank you for putting this together. I feel like I have learned a lot.

  8. Thanks for sharing your services, will definitely let my friends who are interested in having their own business site know of your packages.

  9. These is a great deal for those who don’t have the time or knowledge to get their web site up and running. Thanks for offering.

  10. Wow!! This is very informative and detailed post. This is very helpful for bloggers and to others who wants or interested to make their own business.

  11. This was a very informative post, graphics and photos are so so so important!

  12. Good appearance and presentation of a blog is one of the essential part that an owner must put into consideration, to facilitate the task why not engage someone professional for it. Nice proposal though very reasonable.

  13. A solid, functional, and appealing website is so important if you want to present a polished and professional appearance. The right balance of text, graphics, and white space can make all the difference between an amateur website that makes people click away and a professional one that retains attention and gets bookmarked for return visits.

  14. I struggle a lot with SEO, so I would def look into this package for that reason. SEO is my biggest downfall, when it comes to my website.

  15. Great post! Great for bloggers and website owners to make money online. Great packages too.

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