Virtual Soccer Betting is one of the trendy means through which youths make money online these days, and several studies show that over 70% of the youths engage in it. As a result of this rapid increase in the demand level, lots of betting sites have emerged, including NetBet, Nairabet, Bet9ja, etc. and they record a whole lot of money as their annual revenue.

However, the basic thrust of this article is to assess the basic effects of Virtual Soccer Betting on youths – Does it do more harm than good or otherwise?
This is what this article is all about Kindly read through!

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Here are some of the common reasons:
1. Unemployment: Unemployment is one of the major reasons why people engage in virtual soccer betting. Since there is no job that can serve as a means of livelihood, some youths often resort to sports betting so as to serve as a rescue means for them.

  1. Economic Condition: Without any doubts, the economy is not booming as it ought to, and this is why most youths are always in search of various ways to make cool money, including virtual soccer betting. Although there are lots of people making it big through sports betting, the percentage is extremely low when compared to the number of losers.

  2. The desire for fast money: Unlike before, many youths now believe in the Get rich quick or Get rich overnight syndrome such that they are always searching for ways to make money fast. This belief is what has led many youths into virtual soccer betting today with the hope that they will make it big as soon as possible.

  3. Greed: Some youths also go into virtual soccer betting, not because of any other things, but because they want to make a huge amount of money with little or no stress.


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There are even some people who always dream of becoming a millionaire through virtual soccer betting, and thus they keep staking their money in it almost every day. To earn the maximum amount of money, some people even play sports bet as much as 3 5 times a day, and the cycle continues for a very long time.

  1. Influence: Some youths go into virtual soccer betting because they were influenced by their friends or family member who is an ardent bettor. In fact, this is one of the reasons why virtual football betting is very common at this age.

Once some youths see others who are winning a huge amount of money, it convinces them that virtual soccer betting is truly a reliable source of income, and thus they may later join the league of bettors to gain their own share of the huge money.



Here are some positive impacts of virtual soccer betting in the nation:
More establishments: As a result of the rapid increase in the number of bettors across the world, lots of betting firms has emerged ever since then, and these firms offer almost the same range of services. The majority of them also have dedicated websites where various people can access and stake their money on any game that interests them.

More employment: Now that there’s a widespread of soccer betting firms, it has also led to the creation of employment opportunities. These firms hire a various set of workforce and agents to ensure the smooth running of their betting firm.

Increase Revenue: Due to the rapid increase in the number of soccer bettors, the soccer betting industry has grown to become one of the most lucrative industries in almost every part of the world. In fact, some betting firms record millions of dollars as their Annual income. In a similar vein, CNN opines that the NFL could pocket billions of dollar coming from the booming sports gambling, which shows how lucrative the business is.


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Increase Sports viewers: Just as a Holy book says Wherever the treasure of a man is, so also will his heart be. There has been an increase in the viewership level of various soccer games, and this is because most bettors always want to follow the games played by them so as to know their fate as soon as possible whether they lose the game or win. However, this increased viewership level is highly beneficial to a different set of firms and individuals, including the Soccer league management, Soccer game viewing centers, and lots more.


Some of the effects of Virtual Soccer Betting On Youths include the following:
1. Waste of money: This is the plain truth that most people don’t like hearing about Virtual soccer betting; it produces a few winners and legions of losers. A single mistake or error can make you lose a whole lot of money, and if you don’t exercise absolute control, you may keep staking your funds with the hope of earning big in the nearest future and this doesn’t usually come to pass in most cases.


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  1. Lack of vision and creativity: Virtual soccer betting is a mental work i.e. you must be able to calculate, and forecast accurately to make the most out of your money. When you spend much time in doing this, your creativity level tends to start declining since all you do every day is to be thinking over and over on sure ways to win your bet which may not even come to pass at times.

If not for the creativity level of the owners of these betting firms, they wouldn’t have been able to come up with the betting sites that have become home to millions of people today.


  1. Increase Debt and Poverty: Yes, the major reason why most youths engage in virtual soccer betting is to make a cool amount of money as fast as possible. However, this is not the result that most people get such that the percentage of daily winners is extremely low when compared to the daily losers.

As a result of incessant loss, some people often resort to borrowing money from relatives and friends just to stake their funds, with the hope of recovering the money in multiple folds. Some even go to the extent of using their phone and other properties as collateral to obtain the money from the creditor.

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  1. Frustration and Intense Anger: Virtual soccer betting is very volatile such that you may win big today, and then lose everything in the following day. To be frank, not everyone has the fortitude to bear certain losses, and when someone feels he is not making [enough] money after making a series of attempts, it may lead to anger and frustration. In fact, we’ve seen several cases of people who destroy their properties, engage in unnecessary fights, and commit suicides all because of losing a bet! In a nutshell, virtual soccer betting is a game of strong minds and not feeble minds.


  1. Certain Health Issues: Virtual soccer betting is a game of the mind, and the trauma and agonies associated with it may lead to certain health conditions, including high blood pressure, anger, painful regret, depression, soberness, but to mention a few. These health issues are capable of causing permanent health and emotional damage if they persist for a long time.
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  1. Laziness: Betting and laziness are somewhat inseparable at times. The reason is that most people begin to develop a weak mentality and attitude towards hard work because they believe they can become a millionaire with little efforts just by placing some bets.


  1. Family Conflicts: When you keep losing a soccer bet and your efforts seem not to be fruitful, you may develop certain emotional disorders such as anger, depression, incessant rage, and this can negatively influence your relationship with your family, friends, and colleagues.


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Virtual Soccer Betting has both its positive and negative sides, and the bitter truth is that the negative outweighs the positive such that it may lead to Waste of financial resources, Declined Creativity level, Increased Debt and Poverty, Frustration and Intense Anger, Certain Health Issues, Laziness, and lots more.

However, wed love to implore various bettors to first understand that Virtual Soccer Betting is meant to be for fun and that it is a game of the mind that should only be played by people with strong emotions.

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