Welcome guys, today I want to introduce another hot earning platform that is better than AdSense and Media.net. This platform is called FOMO. In today’s FOMO review, you’ll learn how to apply for the program and how to earn huge money from them.

Fomo Publisher Network, you’re assured to make more than $300 per month base on your Hardwork and Website traffic. This new AdSense alternative is really cool.

If you read my previous post about powerhouse affiliate review, and after reading this honest FOMO review, you’ll see that the both are really different.

I’ll also outline what makes FOMO platform different from Powerhouse Affiliate.

But first of all, let’s know that FOMO is all about, what they advertise, who can join FOMO, how you can join FOMO publisher and how to get paid as their publisher.

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What is FOMO?

According to them, they started Fomo because some marketers break this rule: unsustainable advertising, aggressive pop ups, and not enough personal connection.

Fomo helps honest entrepreneurs show off customer interactions (purchases, opt-ins, even page views) with just one line of code.

They call it advertising platform for the future!

But for me, I see FOMO as a platform that allows advertisers to get more leads and sales on their website. While website owners and bloggers can also make money with their blog or websites by allowing ads to do display on their websites.

How much can I make with FOMO?

With Fomo is you’re proud to make over 2-4x AdSense rates, and getting started is also as easy as ABC.


Fomo publisher network review
Fomo publisher network dashboard
You can make $8-10 per 1000 impressions. So if you have a website that has huge amount of traffic, imagine the money you’re missing on your table.
You can also earn smooth $10 commission per successful referral that register through your affiliate link
Let’s say you introduce 10 of your blogger friends to the platform and all of them signup successfully and add their websites. You’ll be paid $10×10 = $100. 
Enough of the stories:…! I want to join the platform.

How to Join FOMO Advertising Platform and Earn

To join the platform, simply following these easy steps;

FOMO review

3. Copy the single line ad code and Embed the Ad snippet on your site, preferably in the <head> section

FOMO review


4. add your PayPal address inside Fomo: go to > top right blue icon > tab Account and then add your valid PayPal email so you can get paid.

Note: once the ad snippet is live and they’ve reviewed your content, their team will link campaigns and you’ll see live activity in your Fomo dashboard.

Who can join FOMO?

All websites and blogs owners can join the platform.

What’s the minimum payout on FOMO platform?

The good news is that there is no minimum payout threshold at Fomo Publishers, you’ll be paid any amount you earn.

When and how do FOMO pay their publishers?

 Fomo pay their publishers via PayPal and you’ll be paid at the end of each month.

So if you’re reading from Nigeria and you don’t have a working PayPal account, don’t be discouraged, i can create for you a PayPal account that send and receive money without using VPN to access.

See how to get a working PayPal account in Nigeria here



Here is the Fomo review, with this I believe you can make more legit money with your website or blog.



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  1. Fomo publisher network is cool but it takes time for them to approve a site. But for now, you can earn from referrals.

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