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How To Free More Memory Space on Your Android Smartphone [Proven Ways]

If you have space (memory) problem in your Android smartphone,  this post will highlight different ways in which you can clean or free your phone’s memory and create more space in your Android smartphone with ease without loosing essential files. 


Having enough free storage space is key to a good smartphone experience. But in many cases, despite having 64 GB internal storage space on our phones, we forget to keep an eye on the ever-expanding storage consumed by apps and media leading to a laggy experience.

So here are 5 simple ways to free up more space on your Android phone:


1. Use Google’s Files Go app

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In December 2017, Google introduced Files Go, an app that takes a mobile-first approach to freeing up space, finding files faster and easily sharing them with others.

The app will give personalized suggestions about which files to delete, whether it’s unused apps, large files, duplicate files or low-resolution videos and memes detected using Google’s latest mobile vision technology.

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2. Use Google Photos

Google Photos has been around for a while. It’s Google’s standalone product that gives you a home for all your photos and videos, helps you organize and bring your precious moments to life, while letting you share and save what matters.

With Google Photos, users can backup and store unlimited, high-quality photos and videos, for free. The app also offers an option to delete already backed up photos, thus freeing up more space.


3. Clear the cache

Most of our Android apps use cache, or stored data, to perform smoothly. Even though the cache can save time, the files saved in the cache can expand taking up a chunk of the storage space.

One way to make more free space on your phone is to clear cache. You can do it from Applications Manager in the settings.


4. Delete your downloads

We download a lot of content these days, from images, music files to videos.

In most cases, users will completely forget about the existence of these files in the download folder after using it. Make sure to go through the downloaded files, which you can find in your phone’s default file manager app, and delete the ones that are no longer needed.

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5. Clear the media from messaging apps

Remember all those good morning images you get from your mother and other family members in WhatsApp? They all consume space, along with those memes, cute cat videos, as well as other files sent in any messaging app. So, make sure to go through the settings and delete these files to keep your phone running swiftly and to free more space

Here are 6 top ways to clean your phone’s memory space, you can also add yours if you have more in the comment box below.

Culled from: PCMag

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