Advanced SEO Techniques and Tricks to Rank Higher on Google in 2019

People go online on regular basis to find answers to several questions that bother them.

On the other hand, a lot of information are stockpiled on  the world-wide web and multiple websites are launched on regular basis. 

Therefore, the competition is really getting high and if you should ask me, this competition is inclining by 12% everyday.

If that’s the case, how can one rank his/her new or existing websites or blog on top search engines like Google?


I have several blogs which is owned and managed by me, while some are owned by my clients.

I’ve performed SEO services  for quite number of years, so if you should ask me: Can a new blog rank for a desired keyword or phrase?

I’ll tell you YES. But the bitter truth you should know is that, it might take time and at the same time the desired result might be immediately,  depending on your effort.

Google and other search engines doesn’t guarantee you that your  post, blog or website content will be index or rank on a certain position.

But there are some advance techniques you can use to index, rank your blog easily and faster.

Below are the advanced SEO Techniques and Tricks to rank your blog fast;


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Advance SEO Techniques and Tricks

1. Blog Content Must Be Unique, Original And Fresh

In other to have a high rank on Search engines, your site must have vital and unique contents. It similarly helps in attracting returning and unique visitors for the site.

Content for a site may include articles, info-graphics, interviews, chronicles, reviews, data illustrations and each other thing that your visitors might love.

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If the content is outdated and static, it will get the opportunity to be particularly difficult to attract old visitors and enhance new action.

The disseminating methodology being realized similarly have a basic impact at the same time. The right usage of catchphrases and articulations are basic segments to improve the SEO setup of a site.


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2. Use Catchy title and Meta Description, utilize them wisely

Composing attractive  title and Meta descriptions are considered as a craftsmanship and you can help your blog search engine ranking  by utilizing these two strategies carefully.


In earlier years, Google has been changing Meta description length and Title length.


These days, you would have checked the Meta descriptions length has been expanded. Ensure, you double-check your title and Meta isn’t getting cut off in the Google searches.


On the off-chance that you had no clue how your title and Meta descriptions  will look like in Google searches, you can utilize Google SERP Snippet Optimization instruments or utilize Yoast’s SEO module.


In any case, don’t totally depend on Yoast’s SEO module, as its difficult for amateurs to understand it.

You  may not wait till you get a green dot before you publish your article. Orange dot is OK to start with.


In the event that you are attempting to duplicate depiction from some other site, utilize content diff checker instrument, to make it 100% Unique.


In case you’re finding it difficult to optimise your blog posts for search engine, I may assist you achieve success in a short time.


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3. Use H1, H2, H3 wisely

Another advance SEO tip is the h1, tags in your blog posts at the right places.


Formatting  your blog posts doesn’t help SEO alone but help your blog readers to scale through your posts easily.


It also help search engines bots to navigate your blog posts easily. So make sure you apply them wisely.


4. Build relevant BackLinks

Getting relevant sites to point distinguishable back links to your blog or websites helps SEO a lot.


 You can have backlinks from those sites utilizing visitor post opportunity, web journals, public statements.

In any case, ensure the sites ought to have the specialist and ought to have Good activity, in light of the fact that backlinks don’t work if the site has no authority. 


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Getting backlinks from expert or authority sites is a standout amongst other methods utilized as a part of SEO. Always remember to check Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) and Page rank (optional), before putting a backlink on a site.


5. Share Your Blog Posts on Top Social Media Platforms

You should share your blog posts and products on huge social sites, as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

On the off-chance that conceivable and you have some cash for commercial, should run Facebook and Google AdWords campaign.


6. Utilize HTTPS

Online security has turned out to be vital, and Google had just supported the significance of this factor.

Google made a move to make the sites more secure and made HTTPS one of the signs in positioning a site.


In spite of the fact that HTTP servers load quicker than the HTTPS, but it’s  more professional and secure.


By July 2018, Google will rank only sites with HTTPS (SSL Certificate).


Programmers discovered HTTPS exceptionally hard to hack.


Sites which utilize HTTP rather than HTTPS get low page ranking, and when the rivalries comes shoulders to shoulders almost no things matters.

You should purchase SSL authentication, it not just help you in positioning nearby business site yet useful for your business.

You can check Google Blog to know more things about SSL as a ranking factors


Nevertheless, I can help you purchase and setup a secured SSL certificate (HTTPS). Mail me today with or use the contact  page, or reach me via my social media handles.


I’ll set it up and running on your blog within 12 hours


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6. Make Your Website or blog load faster

Page speed is incredibly fundamental for the success of your site.

A site that doesn’t load faster than 3 seconds would never achieve incredible search engine ranking.

Page loading speed helps in the positioning technique of a site.

Speedier websites or blogs rank well in search engine result pages (SERP).

How do I get on Google first page?
My website ( page speed score according to Google page insight

I can make your website load faster and achieve the above result result.

Why is it important?

Search for your top keywords on search engine and check the first ten blogs how fast they are, you’ll know that swift loading speed is a great factor in Search engine optimization.

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Remember, you can loss some potential clients to your competitors if your site is loading too slow.


In this way, you should figure out how to improve the speed of your site. The methods are troublesome, however with suitable undertakings, you can achieve success.


These are some hints to make your blog or website load faster:

  • Moving to a speedier and better web Hosting provider
  • Removing bad  JavaScript
  • Compressing large pictures
  • Utilizing Content Delivery Network organizations (CDN) 
  • Instead of using humbler pictures, settling on sprites to confine the HTTP redirects
  • Configure Accelerated Media Pages (AMP)

I can help you achieve all these. You can contact me

Additionally, I compiled 6 plugins that can reduce your WordPress site loading time


7. Executing the Concept of Google Authorship

We all understand that Google is the primary web searcher in the digital world.

The idea to complete Google Authorship is a to an awesome degree accommodating SEO system to consider because of the following reasons:

  1. I your photo is being appeared close by the results, it evidently shows Google’s trust on your site.
  2. Sites with Google Authorship acknowledge higher CTR (click through rates). 


Easiest Google Authorship Setup

What you basically require for realizing Google Authorship is to have a Google+ profile and after that get it associated with your web content, close by your profile. Thank God for Yoast SEO plugin and other plugins

When you gain the  ground on Google+, it helps your site in grabbing an unrivaled presentation to Google Search engine.


Wrap Up

Ranking higher on Google and other major search engines require hard work and patience.


The above tips and techniques are the white hat SEO techniques that will help your blog or website rank higher on the long run.


If it’s not easy for you to execute this advance SEO techniques, therefore, I advice you to hire a professional or an SEO expert like me.

To get a personal SEO analysis and consultation with me, contact me


If you have any question on SEO or blogging, feel free to drop them on the comment box below, I’ll answer them vividly.


About the Author: Abass

is a leading digital marketing expert and web designer/developer. I love teaching and writing about how make money online and technology trends on my leisure time. Read more About me here...

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