Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers in the world. While the browser has a market share of about 63% according to Stat Counter, the Chrome app has over five billion installs on the Play Store. Despite its popularity, the Share menu of the Chrome app has remained largely unchanged. Not for long.


Google is making some major changes to the Share menu of its Chrome app. These changes will bring a Google Photo-like Share menu to the Chrome app allowing users to do more than just sharing articles or web pages with their friends.


According to a report by Android Police, the Chrome app is getting a two-tiered sharing menu. On the bottom tier, users will see the usual sharing options such as Messages, Gmail and Drive. On scrolling right in the same tier, users will get a More option which will lead to Android’s default sharing options.


On the upper tier, users will get a new QR code scanner and a screenshot editor. In addition to these options, the top tier will also house two other buttons — one to copy the link web page and the other to send the web page to the connected devices.

The report says that while the first two options, that is, the QR Code scanner and the Send to your devices option, are functional but nothing happens past that. That said, the feature is still in the developmental phase and it will be some time till the company refines it and rolls it put to users across the globe.

James Rahul

James Rahul

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