With the availability of new features on Google from time to time, the search engine keeps changing the ways of search results. Google maps feature on the search engine now gives search results for the business in two ways one is Google map results and the other is Google search results adding double marketing benefits to the business organizations that are indulged in digital marketing.


When you search for any local business, Google maps tend to list out top three business listings of searched category business that are located in your geographic location even before organic results of the targeted keyword roll up.

A customer who is curious to find the desired product or service in the nearby location will tap on the first three displayed results even before rolling out to organic results so is the reason why Google maps marketing has become an important strategy of digital marketing to attract local customers. The article here is to highlight few good strategies to attract local customers through Google map marketing.


Use keywords to help the customers find you right

Like organic search results where keywords play a role in ranking up your business website, Google map results also rank up based on the keywords targeted in the description part, I mean you should have an SEO friendly profile on Google maps to let the customers find you when they search with the relevant keywords.

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Inserting these keywords to let the customers find your business has no rule of thumb. Just give a thought how your customers will find you, a huge list of keywords will be on your table.


Keep address right and optimize GMB

The objective of getting listed in the Google maps is to the customers find your business when they search with the business keywords attached to your locality. To achieve this, you must pin accurate and precise address to your Google Map listing.


The address you use here should decide your physical location. The address you state here should be accompanied by Pin code to ensure accuracy. The best way is to pin your address on the Google Map if the system cannot find it.

You can even add service area to the Google map location. Ensure there is accurate information regarding your website address phone number and hours of operations along with categorizing your business.  GMB optimization is another important aspect of Google map marketing. It helps the search engine to understand if your business is related to the search query.

The business introduction should be optimized in a way that it can work in every way to reach the target audience.  This will have a tremendous impact on boosting business prominence to the local customers.

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Push your ranking up

It is crucial to rank your Google profile once you have listed in the search engine. There are two important factors that decide your Google rankings- one is how close is your business to an area that is specified in the search and how close your business to the person who is searching for it is.

The objective is to get your business notified to the target customers and number of clicks your business is getting. Based on these factors, Google will organize its search engine rankings.


Run Google Map paid ads

Google map ads go a great way to driving the traffic to your business physical location. It is one of the powerful ways to attract local customers at the exact moment they are interested in making a purchase.


Research reveals 50% of the customers look for local business when they want to make a purchase of a products or service. Choosing to go to Google map advertising will not let you miss the potential customer who is searching for the product or service at the moment.

With the Google map as you will double the chances of increasing sales in your locality because your business will be showed up twice on the Google maps, once below the search results of the Google maps and once on the map itself.

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Unleash the potential of Google map ads to attract local customers and increase your ROI.


In summary, Google maps marketing is an effective way to increase your sale figure by drawing the customers to your physical location.

Google map marketing allows you to stand out of crowd in the local competition. There are good chances of potential customers turning into loyal when the product or service offered by you is of quality.

Amit Chauhan

Amit Chauhan

Amit Chauhan is the Founder & CEO at SearchClap. Amit is an Internet Marketer, Blogger, SEO Consultant, Link Building specialist & Maps marketing Specialist. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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