When it comes to search engine optimization, there is a lot of revolution over the years, many metrics are occasionally changed and several Google products are launched. In order to be successful in the internet space, one need to adapt to these trends. One of such is the Google voice search, but to really benefit from this innovation, you needs to know how to optimize your website or blog for Google voice search.


That’s the reason I want to focus more on how you can optimize your blog or website for Google voice search without hiring anyone. But before we go deeper into it, let’s briefly do a little introduction about voice search.

Google Voice Search Optimization: How to Rank Your Blog
Google Voice Search PC look
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What is Voice Search?

Google Voice Search or Search by Voice was first added to Google Mobile App on iPhone in November 2008, and in June 2011 Google introduced the voice search function on their web search, Google.com


This Google product allows users to use Google Search by speaking on a mobile phone or computer.

This means you can use your voice to do actions like search, get directions, and create reminders. For example, if I’m looking for a hotel around my location, I can simply use the voice search to get directions without getting to type any sentence.

Since it’s full take over in 2015, the amount of people using voice search on daily basis keeps inclining. You can see that there’s greater need to tap into this brave new route.


It’s time SEOs, content marketers, digital brands and online marketers start optimizing their sites for this brave new world of Google voice search — so they’re not left out.


Therefore, how can one optimize his or her website or blog to appear on Google voice search results without getting to hire a pro?


Read on as I’ll reveal the best techniques and strategies that really work for experts, which they don’t reveal for free but I took my time to unleash these pro techniques. Let’s dive into it!

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How to optimize your website for Google voice search like a pro

In order to be successful as a digital marketer in 2019, as I have mentioned earlier, you need to adapt to the current trends and give to your audience the means to find your website easily with any medium.


In the past years, your SEO strategy must have been focused on text search, now, you need to optimize your website and make it ready for the Google voice search which is also known as “search by Voice or the position V”.


How can you do it? Well, here are some strategies that will definitely help you put your website on the right route:

  1. Have a Quick Loading Web Pages

This tip is not only necessary for voice search but it’s important for the entire search engine optimization of a website. Let me explain:


Google favors website that loads faster. It favors them to the point that out of two similar websites with the same ranking factors and metrics, the one that loads the fastest gets to be first on the search results listing.


Therefore, optimizing loading speed is important for all types of searches, text-based or voice-based whatsoever. You need to make sure all your web pages are loading faster.


If you’re using WordPress, go for a lightweight theme and also minimize your image’s size for faster loading, have an accelerated mobile page (AMP) version of your blog for faster loading and easy access.


  1. Claim your Google My Business listing

Verifying your Google my business is a major factor that will help you to appear and rank higher on Google voice search result.


Therefore, If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business listing, it’s time to do so. Claiming and optimizing Google My Business is a great way for Google to find out more information about your business, like the category of business you’re in, phone number, your address,  business hours and so on.


Since many voice searches are local in nature, claiming your Google My Business listing can help increase your chances of showing up when a voice search is done pertaining to your local business, location or business category.


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  1. Know what people are searching for, with voice

People are using voice search for a variety of searches daily. About 25% percent are searching for local contents and pieces of information, therefore, local businesses (and agencies that do local SEO) need to start optimizing for local voice search.



  1. Invest much in local SEO

Since most people use the Google voice search to make inquiries about things around them, like hotels, companies, shopping mall and also service providers around their location, it’s best to optimize your website for local SEO.



  1. Know how people search

In the voice search world, keywords are long-tail+. The “plus” refers to the conversational phrases that you need to add when optimizing for the conversational voice search.


Your keyword strategy must now be more conversational in nature and also mimic how real people talk and ask questions verbally. Start thinking about the types of questions you get when your customers call you on the phone to ask questions about your business, then start composing and recording the exact words they use when they talk to your customer service representatives. You need to be really smart, isn’t it?


Now, once you have a list of questions and statements your customers give you over the phone, you can then start creating content pages that focus on those longer, more conversational search terms.



  1. Create lengthy content

The better your content is, the more likely search engines will rank it better and people will come to you.

SEO depends not only on the technology behind the website but also on the quality of your content. You need high-quality articles that are valuable for your targeted audience. You need content that answers their questions and draws them to you.


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  1. Create a FAQ page for your website

Apart from having top-notch contents, create frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on your website and give satisfying answers to questions that customers might like asking verbally.

You need to answer some of the most common questions related to your industry.



  1. Use short sentences

If your sentence is concise and able to provide valuable information in simple and easy to understand words, then you are increasing your website chances to grow organically.



  1. Maximize the power of social media

Sharing your contents to several social media platforms will really help your voice search listing.


The better your content is, the more likely it is for it to be shared and linked to other websites. Also, encourage your blog readers to share your post on social media.


Viral content from social media is a valuable asset in SEO due to the fact that it generates a significant pool of backlinks to your page. The more valuable backlinks you have to your website, the higher it will rank on search engines.


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  1. Try pushing your website to the top of Google

The last tip is to make sure that your website is listed among the first ten results.

Once it appears on the first page, try pushing it to the top and remain there.


I know It’s not easy to do this but here are few factors that will make you rank on the top on Google voice search result in no distance time:

  • Compelling title – this will help you get a high click-through rate.Therefore, making you rank higher.
  • High authority website – if your website authority is pretty cool, it will rank higher on SERP. Therefore, try increasing your website domain authority to at least 20.
  • Lengthy contents and fast loading website – I explained this earlier in point 1 and 6 respectively.



Google Voice search has become a trend and as an internet marketer, you need to adapt to it. In order to adapt and thrive in this new online context, you have to make sure you follow the above strategies for your website to be optimized for voice search.



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