Hire Me

Why Hire Me?


Over 4 years of successful and productive government, private, and not for profit work.
Efficient, effective and confident self-starter who values honest, direct and open discussion and prompt professional action.
Steady, easy-going, team player who listens to others and shares his ideas without reservation.

Highly Skilled And Professional Doer
Graduate and Undergraduate Education in both business and engineering.
Excellent Computer Skills to include spreadsheet, word processing, database, drafting, publishing and programming.
Proven Record of Success as a leader, laborer, technician, supervisor, trainer and manager.

Innovator and Thinker
Developed computer simulation of State underground parking structure in South Coast.
Developed brochures and training literature for the Litt Marcon Regional Economic Development Strategy.

Planner, Organizer, Administrator
Planned and managed major fabrication and construction projects for private industry.

How Do You Benefit?
If you hire me you will gain a highly skilled, highly motivated, seasoned and experienced professional who will get things done!

So Why Am I The Best Choice Do You Ask?
Because I’m A Reliable, Proven, Veteran With More Than Mere Qualifications To Offer! But employing:
*. An Experienced, Motivated and Personable Team Player.
*. A Highly Skilled and Action Oriented Achiever.
*. An Innovative and Creative Thinker.
*. A Successful Planner, Organizer and Administrator.
*. An Excellent Trainer.

What Nature Of Work Do We Handle?
*. Blog, Web/wap designing; Company, School, Organisation, Personal, Downloads, Chat and Social site.

*. Purchase Domain; .com, .net, .org, .ng, .in, .me, etc.

*. Freelance Writing and Editorial.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); Land-pages Optimising and Search Engines Submission.
Generating & Building Quality Backlinks.
Correcting and Rebranding Wrong SEO Mistakes.

*. General web development and management.

How To Get to Us?
If you are interesting on any of the above mentioned service, forward your mail to Abasetop@gmail.com, with Subject; Hire Service, state the particular work section and we’ll get to you within 12hrs of the day.