Technology has always facilitated us in every aspect in our day-to-day life. If we talk about travelling, technology is can help us to reach the places that are not explored yet. It is creating bridge between the places and travelers. Travel industry is now in a different avatar that has changed our style of travelling. There are several things like mobile, mobile application and lot more has made us change the way we travel.


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Now travelling is new field of attraction for everyone who can move all around the world and explore it with the help of advance technology. This created a new market for the business and tourism industry that has helped a lot the people. Customers can view that the development in ecommerce has made a good impact on tourism. Travel industry provided various travel options to choose, by surfing the internet through their mobile phones.

Gone those days when people imagined visiting the other side of the globe but due to the emergence of high tech mobile phones solutions their wishes are come true.



The improvement in technology increased modern tourist strength by providing quick and easy access to information. Mobile application development service offers many features such as travel destinations, lodging and dining options at the destination and many others. The real time information regarding reservations can be easily be accessed anytime and anywhere.


The use of mobile application also allows travelers to quick review the experience at the time of the travelling. Every traveler has encountered less than perfect experience at one point or another within the tourism value chain. Often these situations can become part of funny back stories, but more often than not they can be a source of frustration and even poor experiences that may put one off a brand for good.

Technology has allowed a user to access internet and book online different destinations without running to cybercafé. In practical manner it has proved as a boon to travel sector with a tremendous change.


Technologies have developed such factors that are impacting any tourism business to change from one level to advance one. Therefore this change of technology will affect the way a brand carries out their tourism strategies.


Travel Advances with technology and social media is increasing ease with which services can be purchased online. Broadcasting travelling events through the means of social media have all made the travel industry even more dynamic. Consumers are seeking ever-more choices with frictionless purchase of packages of different destination tours.



New technology is growing continuous, from online portals to travelling Application it is influencing the way we plan and execute our travelling plans. Modified, Suitable, lively, and automated travel Application is where the future technology is heading towards. With technology advancements, travel industry with the help of online booking and portals has developed the user friendly interface.


With the attitude in customer’s activities and outlook Tech trends over the next decade will go to grow more pronounced. It is why online travel has not just affected the business but also strengthened many occupations related to the tourism.


This is the reason why online travel has to not just keep velocity with emerging tech trends, but it revise every option through the medium of technology to stay ahead in the race.

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Today travel industry is one of the highest changing sectors of the travel Business. With the accelerated digital environment and fast growing technology executives conduct business in unprecedented ways.

There is different scenario now when you can fly out to different place and be there tomorrow morning. Travelling begin a new era of business transaction. And in order to keep pace with this transaction, travel management companies need to make available business travellers with more lively and approachable products and services.



Author Bio: Colleen Jansen is a digital marketing expert in Quy Technologies, a Top Mobile app development company in India which provides enterprise mobility solutions, iPhone app and Android app development services across the global.

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