This guide is to help anyone who is interested in buying bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. for the very first time. It is a practical guide and from someone who has bought Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies before.

Bitcoin is currently one of the most talked-about assets in the world today. It is also the asset class that has posted the best returns having gained over +400% in the past 1 year as of the time this post was written.

This severe increase has made the interest to invest in bitcoin surge as the fear of missing out (FOMO) syndrome catches on newer investors. Investing in bitcoin is not as complicated as most people think and is even faster than opening a bank account. In fact, it is often faster than opening a social media account.

Really? Yes!

There are several cryptocurrency exchanges in the country where you can access to open a bitcoin account. We will give you a rundown of the popular ones and how you can buy bitcoin through them.

Remember, you can either buy bitcoin using a debit card or after bank transfer.

How to Purchase Bitcoin/Ethereum in Nigeria

** Luno

Luno is one of the easiest platforms to use as it has a simple user-friendly interface as well as a mobile app. All you need is an email address, phone number and a debit card. Bitcoin can be bought for as little as N500. Buying is carried out directly using a debit card.

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How to buy Bitcoin / Ethereum with Luno

  • Sign up with your email address and password.
  • You will be required to provide your atm card details.
  • Fund your account (NOT MANDATORY). You can now buy directly with your 
  • You can then buy Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin.
  • You will be required to input your 4 digit PIN before any transaction can take place.


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** Roqqu

How to Purchase Bitcoin/Ethereum

Roqqu is another platform you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and STEEM etc. with your debit card (ATM card)  or bank transfer. Roqqu is a bit more complicated, unlike Luno.

How to buy Bitcoin / Ethereum on Roqqu

  •   Click here to Sign up with your email address and phone.
  • After registration, log in with the email address and password you provided. (install their Andoid or iOS app for easy usage)
  • Go to Settings => Accounts => +Add Bank Account (for verification and withdrawal purpose)
  • Tab Deposit at the Homepage
  • Deposit any amount you wish
  • Use the deposited amount in the Naira wallet to buy any coin of your choice.

How to Purchase Bitcoin/Ethereum

How to Purchase Bitcoin/Ethereum** Remitano

Remitano is a peer to peer bitcoin exchange which means you are dealing directly with the owner of the cryptocurrency. Transactions involving this exchange are significantly larger compared to Luno and may not be immediate.

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How to buy bitcoin with Remitano

  • Sign up using an email address and user name.
  • Login to
  • Type the amount you want to buy.
  • Select from the list of buyers.
  • Make a payment.


** Nairaex

Purchases using the Nairaex platform are done directly with the exchange. In order to buy bitcoin directly a user’s account has to be verified by submitting KYC documents such as a government-issued ID and a utility bill. Unverified accounts can purchase bitcoin by paying with a bank teller.   A minimum of N2000 is charged for transactions worth less than N15000.

How to buy bitcoin using Nairaex

  • Sign up with an email address and password.
  • Complete the verification process by submitting the necessary KYC documents.
  • Choose the amount of bitcoin you want to buy.
  • Make your payment.


Other trusted platforms you can buy Bitcoin and Altcoin (Bitcoin alternative coins) are;

** Busha

** Bitpay

** Bekonta


So these are the Best Platforms to buy and exchange Bitcoin and other Crypto currencies with ease! Are you satisfied with the list compilation? Which Bitcoin Wallet app do you use? What is your experience(s)?

Share with us in the comment section below!



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