In this post, I’m going to show you how to start a snail farming business and make money either you’re  in Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, Ghana or any African country or anywhere in the world. Snail farming in Kenya (Africa) is in arguably the latest lucrative business here in Kenya but unfortunately, only few are secretly making thousands monthly from this venture. Many have looked down on this business simply because it doesn’t look promising like in the case of poultry or fish farming.

This article is going to disclose how lucrative this business is and how you can earn 6 figure income within six months of start Up. You don’t need an e-book nor will you require a coach. This article will pull you through on:



Snail farming, also known as Heliculture is simply the process of rearing land snail, mainly for commercial purposes.

In 1995, the US import of snails worth more than $4.5 million and they came directly from 24 countries within Africa. This however include preserved or prepared snails, and snails that are live, fresh, chilled, or frozen. This business is a large agribusiness in the US and UK as they are commonly seen in supermarkets shelves and stores. This is contrary to popular believe that snailery is an outdated farm practice.


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Time has gone when it’s traditionally handpicked in bushes and sold in the market. You can start rearing this wonderful little creatures now and make huge thousands within few months of starting. Before we go into details on how to start snail farming here Kenya, let’s take a look at some terrific benefits why snail farming is the real deal when it comes to a business to start.

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  1. EMPLOYMENT – The unemployment rate in Kenya is overwhelming and intense. Snail farming in Kenya is no doubt a business that will definitely keep you employed and self-reliant. Perhaps you’re on a job already, this business gives you all the time you require to keep your job. You really don’t need to quit your job cause it is not labour intensive.
  2. EASY TO HANDLE  – This is one of the major reasons why this business is simply the best out there. You don’t need to work like a workaholic before you can earn a reasonable amount. With everything in place, you can go anywhere without restrictions and you’ll still count your money at the end of the day.
  3. LESS LAND TO CULTIVATE  – Snail farming won’t require buying a plot of land like in the case of poultry or other farm businesses. For someone trying to start small and grow big later, all you need is a small space around your environment and you’re good to go. As your farm grows, getting a bigger space might become a need.
  4. CHEAP AND EASY TO START – You don’t need millions to start this business. If there’s any cheapest agribusiness out there, it will be snailery. Unlike most agribusinesses, you don’t need to spend more on feeds cause they are easily gotten. Being easy to handle is the main attribute of this business, that’s why their starters kicked out immediately.
  5. MARKET SIZE – Not only is snail widely consumed in most European countries, West Africa being the home to the largest species of land snail in the world has made it even an everyday mail, especially here in Kenya. The market size of snail is pretty huge and its demand is always on the increase. … there are countless benefits that comes with snail farming. Because of space, I won’t be able to include them here.
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The African giant snail, also known as Achatina is probably the best specie to start with. If you want to start a snail farming in Kenya, then go for this specie.


Step by step guide on how to Start Snail Farming In Kenya (Africa) And Make Money



  1.  ENVIRONMENT – Because of snail’s high dehydrating rate, it’s mandatory you locate your snail structure in an enclosed site, free from winds. Exposing them to winds can negatively affect their productivity rate and in some extreme cases, lead to their death. It’s recommended you fence your structure, if its small scale farm, digging a snail pit will be best. Not only will it take care of the winds, snails prefer dark and cold places. That will inadvertently lead to an increase in their production.
  2.  SOIL TYPE – Snail derive most of its nutrients and food from the soil that aids for its survival. The soil type must be rich and contain a high level of organic matter. Soils whose components is highly acidic must also be avoided. The soil should be balance and not waterlogged, nor should it be too dry. Going by this specifications, the best soil will be sandy-loamy.
  3. HOUSING – This is also very important. Remember, the housing shouldn’t let so much wind which might be harmful to the development of the snail. Getting a box made with straw, wire or net will be good. Planting tress or plants like plantain, banana, etc around the snail housing will further help keep winds away. Damp and humid environment are just suitable for snails.


Step by step guide on how to Start Snail Farming In Kenya (Africa) And Make Money

4. SOURCE – Most snail farmers usually buy snails from other farms to rear. This isn’t recommended cause they are sun exposed which can drastically reduced its yield. Getting them directly from the bush is the best. Buying from other farms is recommended provided you’re going for the eggs only

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5. FEEDS/FOODS – A good reason why snail farming in Kenya is a lucrative business you is because, you don’t have to waste thousands getting snail feeds every week or month. Snail farming isn’t capital-intensive due to how cheap it is to acquire their feeds. These land creatures generally eat plants, fungi and algae.

The best way to handle their feed is to give them plants and vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, cucumber and a host lot of others. You’re also free to feed with fruits like mangoes, tomatoes, banana and a lot more. The most amazing part is,they eat over 500 different verities of plants.


 6. PREDATORS AND PEST – The nature of your farm-house should be built in a way that predators like lizards, snakes, ants. Chickens etc won’t be able to intrude. avoiding much contact with snails might also help keep bacteria and fungi diseases away. During dry season, you’ll need to irrigate your snail farm to stop them from hibernating.


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7. HARVESTING – It’s not economically wise to harvest your snails before they near maturity. To really maximum huge profits, it’s best if allowed to mature. To know if it’s matured, check the brim of the shell, if it’s thicker than the rest of the shell, then it’s ready to tour the market.

The market for snail is enormous. Hostels and restaurants are always making demands. Selling to market women is also another huge target market to satisfy. All you need is to get your connections ready and supply when they need your produce.

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