I have a new website, how do I make it index faster in Search engines like Google? I’ve been posting on my blog but the posts are not indexed on Google, why? These questions will be answered in this post.

It’s very common for newbie bloggers or website owners, to complaint that search engines e.g Google is not indexing their blog/website domain or contents or it taking times. But in this blog post, I’ll show you ways and to to make your new website or a new domain you just launched appear on Search engines like Google and start getting tons of organic traffics.

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This guide is not just for new website owners, but for everyone that wants their blog or websites to appear on Google faster. And this tricks is just free, without spending a dime on keyword ranking, advert and so on.


I can assure you that your website will rank just immediately you drop a blog post if you follow my guide vividly.


To say the truth, Every search engines have their metrics and Algorithms (which is not hard to understand it) techniques to discover new contents on web as well as domains.

But they cannot give guarantee whether it will soon index or not. The most known issues of indexing delay are associated with new domains.


My Techniques and Tricks For Fast Blog Index in Search Engines

So , I have some important tricks and technique I use in indexing my new and old domains faster in Search engines which I want to tell you and will guarantee you to get quick indexed on search engines your new domain or pages:

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1. Lengthy Quality Contents & Deep Linking

All Bloggers and SEO strategist knows that Content is king. Search engines will not crawl blank web pages.

Thry will only give value if they get more valuable contents with huge keywords from your site. Deep linking is also beneficial for search engines when robots and spiders will visit your site.


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2. Submit Your Site Manually to Search Engines 

When new website is almost ready, you can manually submit your website or blog URL to their add URL page to notify them about your primary link.

The manual submission of major search engines are really important for new domains, submit your domain to Google, Yahoo and Bing.


3. Use Search Console (Webmaster Tools) 

If you own a blog or you’re a webmaster, it’s a must to use Webmaster tools provided by different Search Engines.

A webmaster cannot do without using it. Try Google’s Webmaster Tools, Bing Toolbox, Yahoo Site Explorer.

Submit your sitemaps there. Webmaster tools will give you clear sight how your website is performing on their search engine.

At Google webmaster tools you can also change your website’s crawl rate, parameter access, HTML suggestions and more.

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4. Share to  Social Media 

When you add any new contents to your site, try to submit them on different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.

These Social media platforms are High PR websites and has high Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Sharing your blog contents to those sites will help your ranking and fast index. In recent times it’s seems that Google and Bing is paying more attention to proof how social you site is.

You may already seen Bing tries to bring those pages or sites that are liked by your Facebook friends and Google tries to bring those URLs that are share on Google+, Google buzz, Twitter or +1ed.

Personally,  I use Revive New Post (WordPress Plugin)  to automatically share my posts to different Social media platforms on different times.


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5. A Good Sitemap

Try to make a search engine friendly sitemap. If you are using WordPress, then it is very easy to build sitemap with plugins such as Google XML Sitemap Generator. Search engines like sitemaps because it’s a map of your site’s total contents.

If you have any difficulty in creating a good sitemap, you can hire me to get the task done for you!

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6. A Viable Robots.txt

Robots.txt is a raw text file which is used to instruct search engines which portion of your site should be added or not. Check Your Robots.txt file which should be at http://www.yourdomain.com/robots.txt to know whether it’s blocking your pages from indexing by search engines. Abtech Blog’s robots file is https://abtechblog.com/robots.txt.

If you don’t believe, when I publish my articles, it takes 2 to 3 minutes to get my new post indexed by Google. The big magic behind it is the immediate twitter submission and WordPress’s default ping service (maybe). Because so far I told you that Google always try to look for new links inside already indexed pages.

In conclusion I want to tell you, if you follow all the guidelines mentioned above there is no reason about taking long time to indexing your new site or pages by search engines except you break search engine’s webmaster guidelines.


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