There are tons of lucrative  business ideas in Kenya that anyone can do, but it’s disheartening because many are still blind to all the lucrative business opportunities that are capable of transforming ones financial life forever. Why then do many people, especially graduates’ waste years pursuing a non-existing job? Why do many dwell in monthly-wage slavery?

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It’s not because there are no business ideas in Kenya, just that many are handicapped by the spirit of indecision and inaction. While many fear that the business will be a disaster because of their inexperience.

In this particular page, I’m not just going to expose lucrative business ideas in Kenya, I’m going to guide you by the hand and show you how to really go about establishing that business of your choice.




Transportation business is among the business ideas in Kenya that spills money in millions.

There is still room for more business inclined individuals to join the players and make money.

This business is capital-intensive and requires a lot of preparation, feasibility study and a well-drawn and detailed business plan. By these preparations, you’re getting yourself equipped with the overall overview of what the business entails.



Cassava farming business

I recently ran some research using Google Keyword Planner and I was stunned to see the amount of average monthly search volume for cassava farming.

Cassava farming is very lucrative and among the top business ideas in Kenya that is constantly overlooked. Many people see cassava farming as being archaic, sardonic and outdated farming system. But after the recent flare in price of cassava products, everyone went back to farming in other to survive.

This business is not capital-intensive provided you have a land. Make all the necessary research and kick off immediately because cassava is a lucrative goldmine in Kenya.



Start fish farming

This is another profitable business in Kenya that many people are using to stay afloat in this harsh economy.

Can you remember the last time you ate without a fish? Of course not! Every day, millions of people are eating fish at least, three times a day.

This means, millions of fish are eaten every hour here in Kenya. What if you serve just 2% of that market? You’ll no doubt become a millionaire depending on the scale you began.



This business is about selling frozen products like fish, chicken, turkey etc to customers who don’t want to go through all the stress of having to kill and prepare them. This business is among the lucrative business ideas in Kenya that anyone can do.

In this fast paced world, no one wants to waste time doing a thing, especially when there’s a better option. To start this business, you need to make sure your location is good, approximate to your target market.

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Many people aren’t into this business because they fear technicalities.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing technical about placing an order in sites like alibaba and aliexpress. It’s very easy and many people have made millions as importers.

It’s advisable to start with small capital and after your first order, you can then order in bulk when you must have gained enough confidence.
Most importantly, you need to discover a good that’s hot, in high demand. Someone must need your product if you must sale them off and make money.

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Bulk SMS is an essential tool in marketing and many companies can’t do without constant reminders and notifications of new products and services. This business requires an app that enables the owner to send even scheduled messages to its users. There are lots of softwares out there that can be used and they are not free either.

Bulk SMS business is among the lucrative business ideas in Kenya that makes millions to their starters within weeks and even months. To start this business, it’s necessary that you conduct a feasibility study and without wasting time, kick off!



I’m a blogger and I can assure that blogging is one hell of a business that can feed a whole village if the ball is well played. Since launching Abtechblog, I make not less than $200 monthly and on good months,  $300.

My blog isn’t up to a year. My dream is to make more than $3000 monthly. This means, there are monies to be made in this business.

Blogging is also among the lucrative business ideas in Kenya that you should consider doing. But before you join the wagon, make sure you have enough knowledge and skills on writing and SEO implementation. Without such relevant skills, you’ll be wasting your time as a blogger.



Ice cream business is a good business. We all love that chill taste and yummy feeling when in contact with ice cream, children and ladies don’t joke with it. What if you delve into this business and make money for yourself? Most of these sellers need a producer, someone they can buy from on a daily basis.

Before you start, you need to learn the art of ice cream making. A good ice cream that tastes delicious is what you need to succeed. Business ideas in Kenya are uncountable and everything you need to be successful is knowledge about the said business.



Every day, people are eating biscuit , not as food but as a snack that can be used for entertainment. Both young and old eat biscuit and there are estimates that millions of cartons of biscuits are consumed every day here in Kenya.

To start this business, you need workers, some important machines and some paper work like business registration and Food/Drug Agency approval. This business is capital-intensive, but spills millions when it’s well established.



There seem to be a wedding event going on every day and bridal shop owners are seriously on money. The aim of a bridal shop is to take good care of the appearance of a bride and bridesmaids. This ranges from the wedding gown, shoe, flowers, make-up and hair. Sometimes, they make cake too.

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To make this business happen, go ahead and make your business plan. Get some advice from other bridal shop owners and above all, kick off without hesitating.



This PALM OIL business is supposed to grace the number one spot as one of the top lucrative business ideas in Kenya that turn people millionaires.

The only downside is that this business is seasonal. The secret is buying gallons of oil when it’s cheap and sell when there’s scarcity.

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The best time to buy is around January, February and March. That’s when palm oil is surplus. Scarcity hits around September, October, November and December. This means, you’ll need a warehouse to do this business.



Phone repair business is a profitable venture, but you must have expansion in mind if you must become a millionaire in that business.

The problem with most people in this business is comfort ability. They think they are making too much and because of that, they feel there’s no need to grow. Don’t be in that wagon.



Daycare center business is also one of the best business ideas in Kenya that makes their starters cool money. When a working woman is put to bed, she’s usually given a three months break to return to work. How will she do it? It’s by registering with a reputable daycare center around her locality.

Look around your locality, are there potential customers around? Will your business location be enough to even attract customers from far distance? To be more certain and objective, draw a business plan or perhaps, get the service of a business consultant.



People will keep building houses irrespective of how harsh the economy is. In fact, it’s during such harsh economy that block industry owners make a lot of money cause in the pretense of thing being more costly, they will increase price thereby making more than they should.

I know of a woman who’s a millionaire today as a block industry owner here in Nairobi. Funny thing is; she doesn’t have to toil with cements or sands when she already has workers doing all the work. All she looks forward to is just the weekly account and nothing more.



A lot of people have contacted me, asking me how they can start cooking gas business and my response is usually the same, start by conducting a research/market survey. This will give you the information needed to draw a business plan.

You’ll also need to find out about local laws guiding the establishment of such venture since it’s regarded hazardous and risky.



Start a poultry farm today with 10 chicks and you’ll be surprised on how much you will make in four months’ time. Poultry farming is among the top agribusinesses that you can start and make money in Kenya.

You’ll need to get a land, a little bit far from residential areas due to the foul smell they emanate. You’ll also need to construct their pen and make their feed and drug readily available. Before you go for any breed of chicken, you need to decide whether to rear for eggs or for meat. If it’s eggs, you buy layers. If it’s for meat, then broilers will be your best shot.



Ecommerce business is still sparking up in this part of the world and the future is even more promising than ever. In countries like Sweden, online purchase is natural and a norm. Many people are buying goods every day online. Online stores like Konga, Jumia etc makes millions every day and you my friend can join them.

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However, to make it in this business, you need a good startup capital for intensive promotion and advert. Starting this business here in Kenya means you’re going to compete with the likes of Konga and Jumia.



Snail farming business and make money

Snail farming is a goldmine and very easy to start up. It also requires little capital. You can decide to get the snails directly from the bush than to buy from another snail farm. To start this business, you’ll need to get a suitable location that’s not too exposed to wind. Having plantain plantations around is advisable.

Also, the pits where the snails have to be kept have to be constructed in a way that prevents predators from making any entrance.



Business ideas in Kenya are numerous, and this list will be incomplete if I fail to add
restaurant business. Every day, people are getting busier. They want everything to move faster, even faster than the previous. Most of them are workers who don’t have time to cook, but will rather buy from a food restaurant.

On campuses, food restaurant owners are millionaires due to the amount of traffic that they get. Sometimes, you’ll have to wait forever before you’re served because the population is beyond what they could entertain.
If you start this business and make a little difference, like making your food a little bigger or cheaper, you’ll become their favorite food canteen.



The last on the list of the most lucrative business ideas in Kenya is laptop importation . This is importation that deals solely on the importation of laptop from other countries to Kenya. This business is easy and straight-forward. As long as there are people willing to buy the systems, you’ll make mouthwatering gains at the end of the day.

The first step is going to business to business websites like alibaba , aliexpress etc to place an order.



The problem of most people isn’t lack of business ideas; it is the inability to convert a business idea into a profitable business opportunity.

In a lay man’s team, a business idea is just a concept that can be used to make money, while a business opportunity is a business that have been researched on a proven to be lucrative.

To turn a business idea into an opportunity is to make your research, draw your business plan and equip yourself with all the necessary information about the said business. You can sale a business opportunity, but not a business idea.

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The Bottom Line 

These are 20 most profitable businesses you can easily start and make huge profit right here in Kenya or anywhere in Africa. You can add more lucrative business ideas to the list.

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