You have started seeing the signs and symptoms showing that your business needs a custom software development for it to cope with increasing needs. The next action plan is to hire a software development team to build you a system that will also be a stepping stone to growth and development.


To find a team of dedicated developers can be a daunting task, especially because the number of software development companies has significantly increased over the last couple of years. This can be attributed to the fact that there is also an increase in demand for custom software by businesses, small medium or large.

You can compare custom software to a tailored suit, but for your business. It is developed with considerations of your business needs, employees’ skills, as well as customers’ satisfaction in mind.

The software should have a special feature that meets the exceptional demands of your business, something off-the-shelf systems cannot offer. Custom software will also ensure that your team performs efficiently.


A word of caution though: it is easy to make some wrong choices when hiring or outsourcing professional developers. Of course, you will easily find a pool of talent, but not everyone possesses required skills, experience, promptness, and expertise that you need to develop your custom software.


Take your time to put into considerations key points when outsourcing your custom software development professionals or a firm. This will help you avoid spending a lot of money on the bad or inexperienced team. Below are 4 things to consider when hiring a custom software development company.

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1. Timeline of the project

Can this company deliver the project on time? It is important to have a company that can quickly deliver your custom software and in excellent quality. A certain study by PM Solutions found that 37% of all IT projects are at risk of failure each year. On contributing factor is the inability to beat the delivery deadline.


Check the history of the company as well as their project portfolios to see if they are reliable and have a good work ethic. You should be able to know the company’s success rate also before hiring them.
This will ensure that there will not be any additional funds spend because of failure to deliver on time. When scouting for a suitable company, try to settle for the one that can keep risks at low.


2. Your business needs

What is your business needs? What do you want to achieve? Will this custom software help you achieve it? Determining your business needs is what will lead you to the realization that you need custom software. Identify the specific needs you want the custom software to solve.
Be it a specific feature that will help you simplify your complex workflow or a platform that will help centralize your staff communication. Knowing the specific needs to be solved can effectively guide you on what to look out for when shopping for a perfect custom software development company.

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3. Your budget

Just like any other project, developing a custom software will entail costs. So how much are you willing to spend on custom software? This is a significant factor to consider when hunting for a development company. Perform cost estimation to determine your budget, which may include hardware upgrade costs, as well as software costs, training, traveling and efforts costs and many other costs that may be associated with the project.

Going for a custom software can prove to be more cost-efficient as opposed to purchasing off-the-shelf software. Research by Forrester shows that IT retailers spend around 27% of their software budget on custom software development while 35% spent on off-the-shelf software. This simply means an 8% lower budget.
While cost is something you should look first, be cautious of unreasonably low budgets.


Sometimes in software development, low costs mean low standard.


4. Technical support

Can the company provide after sale support? Your new custom software is bound to have issues and bugs. A good custom software development company will offer you technical support after they deliver your product. Communication should be the first barometer to check if the company can continue to support you even after the development stage is over.
Finding a company that will offer technical support will also help you focus your time on the most important processes of the business.
In contrast, unsupportive custom software Development Company could sabotage your business operations and cause failures.

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These key points will help you make the right choice when looking for a custom software development company. Hiring a software company like Svitla Systems Software Development Company will be advantageous to you and your business. They are friendly, proven track record of delivering quality products on time, and have a wide range of tech and software expertise.



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