Making income on YouTube is one of the most common and popular way of making online income legitimately. Most people has gone from a mere hobby to making it their main and primary source of income.

Therefore, if you’re aspiring to make a living from YouTube, you must know that it’s not a getting rich overnight affair. It may take some time and effort on your path before getting to the top.

But that shouldn’t discourage you, because in this post, I’ll highlight how you can easily start a YouTube Chanel, how to choose a profitable Niche or category and variety of ways to make money from your YouTube Chanel.


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How to Create a Youtube Channel

You can begin your youtube channel just by logging through your gmail account, that wouldn’t demand any cash from you.

To get the best out of this, please follow my guidelines and tips vividly.

To begin, open after logging your Gmail account.

Tap on the bar adjacent to the Youtube logo on the left corner.

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Tap on My Channels starting from the drop menu

You’ll see the heading ‘Set up your channel on YouTube’ in a box, with your name featured.

Refresh channel with your own data.

Choosing a YouTube Niche or Category

To make your YouTube Chanel look professional, you must have a particular niche you specialise and provide high content or videos concerning that niche.

These are some popular and profitable YouTube niches:
1. Health
2. Fitness
3. Lifestyle
4. Entertainment
5. WWE
Technology etc.

Start Creating High Quality Contents

After choosing your YouTube category or niche, the next step is to start creating top level contents, when I say top level contents, I mean content or videos you can’t find elsewhere. You can use tools like Lumen5 for creating your YouTube videos.

Ways to Earn Money from a YouTube Channel 

1. Youtube Adsense

Google makes it really simple and easy for people to earn money from the internet. If you’re a website owner or a software developer, probably, you should hear of Google AdSense by now. You can monetize your YouTube channel with YouTube AdSense.

When you start building a good amount of subscribers and contents on your YouTube channel, you can now think of monetizing with AdSense.

Though this is the primary way of earning from your YouTube Chanel, Don’t just jump into this, build some quality amount of videos. Before applying for AdSense and surely, they’ll approve if you do have quality contents and also meet their requirements.

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2. Affiliate Programs
You can promote products from different brands and companies and get a commission when the product is purchased through your channel.

How can you get the best affiliate programs? Search for top channels in your niche, watch their videos beginning and look at the affiliate programs they’re using, and learn from there.

How can I get the best from affiliate marketing with my YouTube channel? The best way is to search for brands that are related to your niche in other to have the best result.

  1. Selling Digital and Physical Peoducts
    After some times, when you start gatherin, some experience you can start offering your own particular stock like Dumb bells, gadgets, T-Shirts, Crafts, Body care products or other advanced items like eBooks, programming and so forth.

  2. Consultation Services and Coaching
    So also you can counsel other video makers and independent ventures helping them to use the energy of YouTube.

You can as well be a personal coach like a weight loss coach etc.


  1. Paid Memberships
    If your chanel is of most noteworthy quality at that point individuals would pay anything to watch it. You can offer premium substance to your dedicated watchers through paid membership.
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6. Direct Advertisement
If your chanel is getting popular, potential brands may advertise their products and services through your YouTube Chanel, You can approach brands without waiting for them to come in.


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The Bottom Line
There you have it “How to Make Money on YouTube“. Is that not simple? It doesn’t require much capital from you, just to create your YouTube Chanel, create videos, upload on your YouTube Chanel and start promoting your Chanel.

Do you have more tips, advice, and ways to make money on YouTube? Please share with us!



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