Everyone wants to make money whether it’s online or offline and many people search on search engines for the ways to make money online on daily basis. There are tons of topics on it online about “How to make money online?” I did lots of searches and survey before writing this post.

Firstly, let me tell you that I also earn money online using this three ways:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Selling products and services online

I will explain how I do this later.

As I earn money online, so I will surely tell you all the ways to make money online.

There are millions of people who work online and earn money online. Many big companies are there who work online and make money but it is also possible for making money online from home, or you can also work alone to earn money online.

There are many online learning programs, but the only thing is that they don’t make you rich in a single day or a month.

Earning money online is not hard, but it needs lots of hard work, patience and sometimes dedication to the work. Earning through blogging and affiliate marketing can take months to get paid and even could take years.

But there are many ways to make money online instantly through freelancing, content writing and some other ways.

But working online means giving all your time to the internet so that you can learn different things and earn money online. There are some tips which can help you make money online:

Be serious in it: As I already said making money online isn’t easy. Just as normal office jobs need seriousness and commitment, the same is an online job.

Because it’s not a fake job, it’s a real job because you are earning through it.


Be careful: Just don’t be too friendly with your clients from the beginning. Take time to trust them because it’s a good way to handle your clients.

Also, be careful in providing your portfolio or whatever samples you are giving them, don’t give them all.

Be professional: Handle your clients with care, while sending a resume or your work be attentive and don’t make even minor mistake, because there are loads of competition on the internet so present yourself in the best way you can. Because clients are smarter enough to hire professionals, hard workers, and passionate people.


Proof-reading: Before sending any resume or portfolios, give an extra reading. Don’t make any mistakes in your grammar or spelling mistakes. Because clients get thousands of request and they hire the one who has written good and extraordinary resumes.

I use a tool called Grammarly for Proofreading my content and will highly recommend you to use it. You can search for Grammarly PC extension and install in your computer browser.

It will help correct every single mistake and spelling errors.

Here we are, let’s start the real deal. Below are the top ways to make money legitimately:

1. Join Websites That pays online

There are many websites which are willing to pay a good amount of money online if you are willing to do some task with them.

There are many kinds of sites that pay online like e-commerce, survey, blog post writing, and others.

Moreover, I will not be getting any commission from the sites which I have shared with you. I have just collected the information from the internet and shared with you.

And another thing before working with any of these sites which you will find below, I suggest you read their privacy policy pages or terms and conditions and their frequently asked questions if available.


This will help you to know how they operate and what you can do to get paid and their method of making payment, whether they pay via Payoneer or PayPal.


Here is the list of websites that pay online:

  1. Swagbucks– with this website you can earn some cash. You can earn cash in this site by doing surveys on the site. There might be extra ways to make money online which you can check yourself.
  2. Panelplace – It works on the rewards system, the more you get rewards, the more you are paid. Here on this site, you have to do the surveys only.
  3. Inbox Dollars– Here you can do surveys, play games, shop online and redeem grocery coupons. It’s another site to make good money.
  4. User Testing– User testing is a site which can help in earning $10 on testing each site. The site also provides some video tutorials which will be a great help. And you can also get some bucks for sharing your thoughts.
  5. Fiverr– Fiverr works on gigs. In this one, you’ll have to create services you can provide which are called gigs, for $5. And this can work both ways either you can get the services for $5 or provide different services. Here you can make money for graphic designing, online marketing, SEO video and animation, programming and tech, and some other things too.


2. Sell things online

These days’ people are doing business online by selling their stuff. Site like Depmi is a typical example of an online store, which you can get one like that and start selling your stuffs.


There are many sites on the internet which can get you profit. If you are a merchant or seller, then making money online is best for you.

You don’t need to search for ways to make money online because you are reading the right article. But before selling your stuff online, there are few things, which you must take very serious like, replying your clients faster and quick service delivery

Here are some of the best sites where you can sell your stuff online.

  1. Amazon– You must have heard this name in the television advertisements. With Amazon, you can sell everything like shoes, watch, books (digital things and papers) and many other things. It works on the FBA which stands for “Fulfilled by Amazon.” When you put the picture of your product online on Amazon and gets the order, then you first send this to Amazon, and then they send to customers.
  2. Shopclues – Is another site like Amazon where you can sell your products online. Likewise, Amazon all the products. On Shop clues, you don’t need to provide VAT number which means anyone can work with them.
  3. eBay– At eBay, you can start up your own store and start selling your stuff. It is one of the oldest sites where you can earn a good amount of money.
  4. Flipkart and Snapdeal– Both are online shopping sites where you can also sell your stuff for a small amount of commission to these sites. But the only thing is that these sites ask for VAT number which restricts the common man to make money through these sites.
  5. OLX and Quikr – Both are advertisement sites but are helping many shopkeepers to sell their old stuff online, like watches, laptops, and computers and other things like furniture. Both of these sites are completely free and gain no commission.
  6. Etsy: on this site, you can sale your handmade craft at a very competitive price.
  7. You can also create your Marketplace Online. And sell your images, tutorials, ebooks, digital products, services etc.


3. Content Writing

Content writing is for those people who enjoy reading and writing. Content writing is one of the best ways to make money online for people who love reading and writing and wants to know everything.

When someone gets a website and wants to rank on Google using SEO then unique content is the first thing that is needed.

So becoming a content writer or content creator can help to earn you some more dollars, depending on your ability and commitment.

The authors that are famous and are working in the market earns in dollars easily whereas newbies earn a little. But there are sites like LinkedIn, Blog Engage, Upwork, Fiverr and many other sites which can help you set a good profile and get some extra cash.

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And it’s far better if you have your own blog with lots of good content written because it will help you to get more clients for content writing.

Here is the list of sites you can make money by writing content.

  • Listverse– Is a site that aims to provide information about different things. And you can be a part of this site and provide information and also make $100 for each post. But they set some rules like the post size must more than 1500 words and for further pieces of information, you can check their site.
  • TopTenz– This site pays $50 per post. It accepts the post with 1500 words with some of their conditions. There are many chances that your post may be accepted, and you will be paid.
  • A-List Apart– Is another fantastic site where you can earn $200 for each article. It has same conditions like other sites with 1500 words and ultimate content. There are very fewer chances to get your article approved. Your article has to be better than other articles on the internet.
  • FundsforWriters – pays $50 for each post you write for them. They accept the article on making money and blogging. And have some decreased limit for words from 500-600.
  • Uxbooth– They take almost four to eight week to approve an article and then post it. And you get your $100 when they approve your article after weeks. They only take so long because they only want to publish amazing content.
  • iWriter– is not that strict like other site admins because they pay $15 per post but that doesn’t mean they will accept copied or bad content. They do accept unique content and you can write as many articles you can and earn as much as you can.
  • Textbroker– pays up to 5 cents per word, and giving a rating to the authors from 1 to 5 stars. Start-Up to submitting a sample for getting stars, if possible, you get three stars at the beginning then you can earn by writing great and unique content.
  • The Penny Hoarder– They pay for the page views of the article you have written. Pay may start from $100 for 50,000 page views each, There isn’t any guarantee that you will be surely get paid but if your article gets thousands of page views, then you can earn a lot more.
  • Contentmart– It is actually a place where content writers can get a job easily, and even they make quick payments, but as a content writer, one has to provide quality content. This site only aims to provide some quality content.

Except for these Websites, there are many other sites on the internet which provide the same services; you can search them on Google. And find content marketing ways to make money online.



4. Blogging

Blogging is a long run game and if you have the patience to earn money then do blogging. I am a blogger too, and I earn by blogging. You will find thousands of articles on the internet about making money online.

Which could provide you with many different ways to make money online. Many bloggers earn millions by just doing blogging.

Bloggers like Neil Patel, Harsh Aggarwal, and Brian Dean are examples of million-dollar earners from blogging.


But for doing blogging, you have to make some hard decisions because it takes lots of effort, time, hard work and sometimes money too. You can say that blogging is a lifetime investment.

Now you might be thinking you can earn money online with a blog, well there are many ways to make money online through your blog.


Here is the list of how you can make money online through blogging:

  1. Use CPC, CPA ad network on the blog– a Most effective way to make money online. There are many sites or advertising programs available on the internet. The best of them is Google AdSense which most of the bloggers use. Then after that, there are many like Infolinks, Mgid, Revenue hits and some more which you can search on Google.
  2. Affiliates Programs– Affiliate program is a treasure for bloggers and one of the best way to earn money online. There are many bigger companies like Bluehost, Godaddy, etc. On every sale of their products, bloggers get a good commission depending on the price of the product.
  3. Membership Plan– Smart bloggers always keep some tricks hidden under their sleeves and only provide these tricks to those who pay. You can save some valuable tips and then share those tips with your pro members of the blog. And earn some extra cash.
  4. Sell your Products– You can sell your digital products online like ebooks, PDF, and Plugins or services. You can charge them for sharing your experience with them through Ebooks or services.
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If you want to earn through blogging and want to learn to blog, then there are many blogging sites which can help you.


Here at Abtechblog, we offer blogging training… You can contact us today for a premium blogging training that can help you enlarge your bank account.

Even if you are a total newbie and want to start a blog then check this complete tutorial on how to start a professional blog.



5. Working from Home

If you don’t like going to your office or not getting any desired job, then these companies could provide you with your dream job. From the list below you select for yourself.

    1. CrowdSource– It offers many types of jobs from small jobs to bigger writing and editing works. You will earn depending on how much work you do.
    2. Demand Studios– They don’t pay much but give a good competition to other sites. Here also, you can work from home and earn cash by doing some photography work or videos.
    3. Leap Force– Here you can earn $11 per/hour. Leap Force hires to internet-based research and evaluation for leading companies.
    4. Liveops– Liveops could pay you with $10 per/hour. It’s like a call centre, but the only thing is that you do it from home. Once you are all set, you can also get some extra cash.


6. Become a freelancer

Becoming a freelancer is easy delivering quality work is a little difficult but not impossible. Many freelancers are earning thousands of dollars online, and you can earn too. Here are the sites which provide Freelancing Services.

      1. UpWork– UpWork was previously known as Odesk, merged with Elance to become Upwork. This is the best place for all the freelancers. You can easily get an account here, whether you want to hire or work. It is a great place to make money online. You can also upgrade it to pro to get some extra features for earning some extra cash.
      2. FreeLancer– Freelancer, is same as Upwork. Here also, you can work or hire. Thousands of people use freelancer to get their work done, and freelancers earn a lot. But in Upwork and Freelancer, customer satisfaction is must, or clients may also have the option to not to pay for your work.
      3. JoomLancers– If you are a good developer and can work with different CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Oscommerce, WordPress, Magento, and others then this is the right place for you to earn money.
      4. Peopleperhour– It is another place where freelancers can make much money. Just signup and start getting the projects and get paid safely. It is newest and you can have a chance to get some work easily here.



Here are the top six ways to make money online:

1. Join Websites That pays online

2. Sell things online (e-commerce)

3. Content Writing

4. Blogging

5. Working from home

6. Become a freelancer


Now you’ve got the list of online money making ideas you can venture into.

Now, it all depends on you which one to choose to make money online, or you can choose all the ways if you have a good team or you’re skilful.

Meanwhile, you can also make money online instantly on this legit platform called Carefulcents.

If you also know more ways to make money online legitimately, You can also share with us in the comment box below.


I truly believe that this post was good enough and was helpful, then please, share to your friends and also Subscribe to this blog for more post.



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