Are you going to commence a mobile application development as your venture or for your business and want to make it successful? If it is the case, here are some exceptional tips to achieve this goal –


Users want rapidity when it comes to sending and receiving information. A good app is one that does it all in the real time. There are tasks like booking various sorts of tickets, fetching information and acting upon it such as in medical operations, etc which require fast connectivity. An app should be treated to live up to this scenario even in high traffic of users.

Also the mobile application development team should take care of bringing in different data distribution methods that let apps send the information to users, without any delay, in real time.

There are certain business-benefits associated with a real time mobile application. The key ones of them include transparency, rapidity, and simplicity. With transparency users are able to see a transparent view of activities of both sides.

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Rapidity means that data is shared between users in real time with exceptionally low latency.  The real time apps make things simpler as users don’t have to wait to get a response to their queries.


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  • Accurate Responsiveness

We are in such computing age where users are free to use any sort of device. They can use anyone from a laptop, tablet, mobile device and convertible PCs. Different devices have different sizes of screens, and so there is the need of an app being responsive to them all. The app must be perfectly customised / optimised to be responsive to devices regardless of their screen sizes.

A mobile website or app badly customised for its responsiveness can show buttons overlapping each other, unnecessary scrolls, misplacement of elements, and having additional spaces. This may distract users and even discourage them to lose interest. This may hurt users, and they may uninstall it if they feel struggling with it.


  • High Scale-ability

You have heard particular platform failing because of heavy traffic. This happens when developers fail to provide required scale-ability to the platform during the development. In result, an app / website gets crashed because of sudden traffic because it was not treated to handle such large volume of users.

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An app must be created with the quality of being scale-able. Failing for this feature means to fail to handle the heavy amount of users and ultimately failing to get advantages of opportunities at the right time.

Imagine yours is an online pizza booking and delivery app and, you are eagerly waiting for upcoming holiday seasons.


You have set every physical thing like raw material and delivery staff, to handle the large volume of orders on the day of 25th December but then the worst happens. Your app gets crashed by heavy the traffic of users, who need exploring various offers and plan orders. Your app goes offline for several hours.

You would lose a lot till the time developers will recover it again and make it capable of handling heavy traffic. This is why always keep scalability in mind when developing an app.

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  • Security Measures

Last but not least – you should never ever forget to take proper security measures in your mobile application development these days. Users are very serious with the growing security issues. Many apps have lost the credibility because no or less security that may cause severe damage to end-users.

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People first check security and permission that an app wants from the device. Irrelevant permissions, for example and torch app is asking for accessing gallery app, may trigger users to now download an app.

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