‎Niche site Vs Authority site, which one is better for newbie bloggers? – Starting a blog is easy but scaling it, is what takes most of the time, planning and resources.

You must have visited various sites before starting a blog. Some of the so called marketing gurus would suggest you to start with an authority site where you shall cover all the aspects of a broad niche such as Technology, Automobile, Education etc.

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I certainly do not agree with these! (rolling eye emoji).

The reason being, most of the marketers have a great cash flow and they think a general user who is starting with his/her first blog to be the same.

While, generally, most of the bloggers out there who are just starting with their first blog are either broke or do not have enough funds to run an authority blog.


Lets dig deep and understand why starting a niche site is better than an authoritative site.

To clear you of the basics, a niche site here is referred to a site where you cover a narrow niche such as hunting.

The broader or authoritative site would rather cover a broader niche such as “outdoors” where they can cover hunting as a sub topic.

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Generally, it is far much easier to work on a niche site as compared to an authoritative site. The reason being, you can master a narrow niche much faster and easily as compared to a broader niche.

Discussing the requirements of each:

Authoritative Site:

  1. An authoritative site will need regular updating of content with the latest news and updates.
  2. Making an authoritative site takes more time as compared to niche sites.
  3. There is a greater competition in making authority websites.
  4. You will need more and quality backlinks to make an authority site.
  5. It demands a proper team to work on an authority site.
  6. You need to have your presence on all the social networking channels.
  7. It would be very difficult to make an authority website if you are starting with less budget.
  8. You need to network with a lot of people (i.e influencers etc)

Examples of Authority sites:

  1. techcrunch
  2. lifehack
  3. Techradar

Niche Sites:

  1. A niche site does not need regular updating.
  2. Making a niche site is fairly easy and takes less time.
  3. There is very less competition in making niche sites.
  4. You do need quality links to stay in the niche for the long term but you will need them in lesser amount.
  5. You can manage a niche site individually.
  6. You may or may not have the presence on the social networks. Usually, bloggers do not like to reveal their niches.
  7. You can start a niche site in less than $100.
  8. You may network or not, it isn’t really required.
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Examples of Niche site:

  1. Hotelbooking Nigeria
  2. wikeria.org
  3. outdoorlife.com

Starting a niche site is quite easy and it takes only a good research to find your profitable niche. On the other hand, to make an authority site, you need a team of experts who have the understanding and expertise of a broad niche.


Usually, most of the newbie bloggers are carried away by the content of an authority site. The process was easier if you compare it what was 5 years back. In 2015, the web space had fairly less bloggers and marketers. The sites used to get ranked on the basis of content and only few backlinks.


Now, the process had become quite complex. Google also keeps changing its algorithm time to time so in order to make an authority website, you will definitely need a strong presence on all the major social networking channels.


For a niche website, you need to drive organic traffic, make some good money after which you can flip your website on sites like flippa to gain profits.


Later when you have enough funds to fund a team, you can think about starting a long term niche site which would reap benefits for you in 1-2 years. Starting a niche site is a low investment business and that is why I would always guide newbie bloggers to start with it.

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The Bottom Line

We hope you could understand the difference between the both (Niche website and Authority Website). Do not forget to share this post with your friends.

Also, do let us know in the comments section below how you find the post. We would be happy to know your views regarding the subject matter.

Happy blogging!

Payal Sethi

Payal Sethi

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  1. Nice blog. I will personally recommend a niche site for newbies. I think with that, focus is more attainable. Apart from that, the benefit from search engine cannot be underestimated.

    1. Thank you Amadin for your contribution.

      Truely, niche sites rank high in search engines than multi niche sites or authority sites.

      Thanks, we hope to see you again

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