NNU Income Program isn’t a strange platform for Nigerian internet users. As one of the fastest growing website with over 150, 000 registered users.

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NNU income program provide it’s member with mouth-watering earning opportunities.

But joining the platform can be stressful, especially for internet newbies.

Today, in this post, I’m going to show you how to easily join NNU income program instantly and start earning cool money easily.


But do NNU income program really pay??

Sure!! You know I can’t talk much, below is a screenshot of my previous earnings on the platform

NNU income program payment proves
NNU income program payment prove



Hmm enough… What are the requirements for joining NNU income program? I wanna join!

Requirements for Registering on NNU income program

I know by now you’ll be eager to ask this question. Well, there’s no much things required before you can be a member of nnu income program.
All you are expected to have are;
1. Facebook or Twitter account: you will use your Facebook or Twitter account for publishing sponsored post daily and earning as you do so.
2. N1600: as a new member of NNU income program, you are expected to activate your account with just 1600 Nigerian Naira (equivalent to $4).
N1600 isn’t a big money to risk.
Trust me years wouldn’t regret joining this platform.
3. Nigerian Bank account: you will use your bank account and be receiving your money

How Do I Earn Money On NNU income program?

NNU income is making it easier for anyone to earn money online from his or her twitter or Facebook account, even though you have no digital skills.
You can earn money by just reading news daily on the platform.

Here is a rundown of what to do and earn money online on NNU income program

  1. Login daily (N50x30 = N1500)
  2. Share post to Facebook or Twitter (N100x30 = N3000)
  3. Comment on a post (N2 each)
  4. Raise forum topic (N100 each)
  5. Refer someone (N1000) etc.
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With this, you can earn up to N5,000 daily when you become a member.

What’s the minimum payout on NNU income program?

Once you reach the minimum payout of N5,000 you’re free to request for a payout.
But we advice you to have at least 2 verified referrals.

How will I receive the money?

Receiving the money is never a problem, NNU income will pay you straight to your bank account once you request for payment.


Now I believe you have understood how NNU income works. The next step you will take is to register and  start making money immediately.


But NNU  charges 1600 Naira before you can become a verified member.
But that shouldn’t draw you back because you can earn more than that within a week.
You can pay with your card or with USSD code.
But i suggest Paystack (that’s paying with your card) because they activate your account immediately.
But if you pay with USSD code or bank transfer. It normally take up to 24 hours before they approve it.
Follow the steps below and register
1. Go to NNU Website

2. A page will will open with some field like in the screenshot below.
NNU income program
3. Chose a method of payment (use Paystack if you have ATM card)
NNU income program registration
Then click Make Payment
 A new window will come out where you will fill in your ATM details.
After that click on the pay button..
Wait a minute, they will send you a message to your E-mail inbox.

Now you have successfully registered on NNU income program.


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How To Boost NNU Income Program Earnings

Here is how to Boost your NNU income Earnings.

  • Login daily
  • Share sponsored post daily
  • Read as many news as you can
  • Comment on post
  • Refer your friends to join the platform using your ref link



With this you can make additional income online from your Facebook or Twitter account.

I believe this post will help you join the platform and also make money legitimately from the program.

NNU income program is a Gods sent platform through Mr Sampson. Which enable Nigerians to make up to 200k monthly or above according how hardworking you are.

If you have any question or observation please share using the comment box below.!

NNU Income Program


How legit Is NNU?


Do NNU pay?



  • It pays and legit
  • You can register either via bank or coupon code
  • You can withdraw to your local bank account


  • You'll need to register with 1600 Naira to enjoy full benefits
  • You'll need to have 2 verified affiliate earning before they pay you


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