NNU Income Program Review: See How Nigerians Are Making Thousands Of Money From The Internet Daily
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Do you know that you can now get paid to read news online right here in Nigeria? Really? Yes! with the NNU Income Program, you can easily make 3,000 Naira or more daily  reading news, sharing sponsored post, commenting, referring someone etc.

I know many people are not aware of the NNU income program and read news on their smart phones, ipad, laptops everyday without getting paid a dime.

But with NNU, you’re paid for reading news from their website. Isn’t that awesome?

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Let’s ride on.


What is NNU income Program 

NNU means Nigeria News Update, while NIP means NNU Income Program. This is an online Income Program which is believed to be the easiest way to make at least 1,000 naira or more daily online in Nigeria.

Powered by G-Cyber Technologies, a professional web and ICT business with registration number 2453653.

The NIP was launched in July 2017 by one of Nigerian Leading internet marketer in peeson of Paul Samson. He is also the owner of G-Cyber Technologies, Coolnaira and Eboss foundation etc.


How do One make money daily on NNU Income Program (NIP)

It’s easy, NNU Income Program offers  4 easy ways to earn 3, 000 to 10,000 Naira daily. Let me break them down

1. Active Daily Login. 
You will get paid 350 naira daily to read news on the NIP website. To qualify for this active daily login earnings, all you have to do is just login to your NIP account and read news for just about 5-10mins daily.

2.  Comment on Posts
Apart from getting paid to read news, you will be paid 1 naira per comment on any news that you find interesting
and you decide to comment on the news.

There is no limit to the amount you can earn with commenting on posts. So you can comment on different posts and earn as much as you can.

3. Referral Commission of 1,000 naira.
Because NNU Income Opportunity is the easiest way to make money online, a lot of people are now sharing with their loved ones so that they can also benefit and earn extra income daily. You will be credited 1,000 naira per active referral you direct to NIP.

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4. Sharing Sponsored Post on facebook.
NNU income opportunity has paid you to read news, comment on post, refer new members, now you will also get paid to share post on social media. You will be paid 100 naira for each sponsored post you share to your facebook wall.

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Is NNU Income Program Legit?

The big question! For now I can say that NIP is a legitimate platform. As frobtye time this post was written, NNU Income Program is 95%.

Please note, this program is not a ponzi scheme and I’m an anti-ponzi.

I dislike programs that promise to earn  someone money without doing anything.

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NIP isn’t like that, it requires hardwork before you can earn 3-10k daily. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can make money online by just folding your hands, doing nothing.

No food for lazy man!

How To Join The NNU Income Opportunity.

To join NNU community, you need to purchase NNU Income Program Pack with a token amount of N1,600 Naira only  (one time payment).


Your application will only get approved when you have successfully purchase and pay for this pack.

So make sure you have your N1,600 Naira ready before you proceed to registration.

1. Click Here To join The NNU Income Program, then click on Place Order and then Register Now.

How to make money with NNU income program

2. Enter your email address and username, Click on Voguepay and then tick acccept terms and condition then Click make Payment.

3. Once your payment is successful, you will be redirected to a page where you can complete your registration.

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4. Once your account has been approved, update your info and add your account details so that you can cash out your earnings on the NNU income Opportunity.


5. After updating your user information, you can start earning immediately on NNU news by commenting, sharing sponsored post and referring etc.


How do You Get paid on NNU Income Program?

You will be paid directly to the bank account you provided during registration. All payments are carried out on 27th of every month from the company’s account “G-Cyber Technologies”. The Minimum amount you can cash out on the NIP is 5,000 naira.

NNU Income Program Proof of Earnings.

NNU income program

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