To make sure you have a smooth ride when making your own free website, here is a short and simple guideline that will help you complete the process and enjoy your website quicker and without any hurdles.


Look up online website builders

When you are in the market for making your own free website, you have a few options to pick from. Lots of online website builders offer a basic free plan with other paid packages.

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Look up few well known online website builders that offer a free plan and with a little search make sure the platform you choose supports the kind of website you want to build and the vision you have for your website. Here are a few popular website builders that offer a free plan:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Weebly
  • WebGen
  • Wix
  • Webnode
  • Other services

Website building services are taken care of, but when you pick a website builder to make your own free website on, make sure to check if this platform also offers other services you will need with your website, like domain name and website hosting. It is better and rather convenient if you pick a platform that offers all three services. Platforms like WebGen can allow you to get all services related to your website including domain name and hosting service.

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Create an account!

Once you have chosen your online website builder, you will have to create your free account on the said platform and sign-in. Most of the website builders, whether they provide a free plan or not, require you to create your account with them and get registered.


Pick a website template!

A lot of website builders have a great range of pre-designed website templates, which are mostly categorized according to the industry they are made for. Each industry will have various template designs that might vary with respect to the web design or subdivision of the industry.


As your website reflects on you and your brand, make sure you pick your website template that best suits your website vision, purpose, market, target audience, goals, and objectives.


Replace images and videos!

The website template you chose will come with a set of images and possibly videos, which will very much go with the industry and possibly with the specific section or subdivision your website fall under. However, these images are stock photos and your specific audience might not be able to relate with these images maybe because the people shown in the images don’t look much like the locals or due to the workplace environment in your side of world paints a different picture than what might be shown in the images.

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Hence, you should look at the used visual content and make changes as required to suit you and your audience.


Always customize your content!

Consistency and quality in content is the key to the long-term success of your business and website. Images, videos, and other graphic content will definitely be appealing to your audience but in long run, it is the content on your website that will make you distinguishable.


Hence, try to change any content that comes with the website template, if you don’t want to replace something then make some edits and make the content your own. Usually, website visitors find websites that include content like the business story, about us, a client’s page, and customer testimonials to be more credible. This kind of content also helps your audience feel more connected to your brand. A website with well-written and thought content can really help give your brand the desired persona.


Review and proof-read everything!

Your website is never complete until you have reviewed each and every website element and proof-read every piece of content on it. Make sure to review and proof-read your website and may also get someone else to have a look at it, a new perspective can be just the right push you needed to make your website perfect.

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Time to go live!

Once you have reviewed and proof-read everything, it is time to publish your website. If you have any presence on social media or any other announcement platform, you should introduce your website or announce its launch. It can have a rather positive impact on how your audience receives your new website.

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As a layman, a website may sound like something too complex, that would require some special skills or one would have to be technologically sound to consider thinking of making a website. However, today our reality could not be more different. Anyone can make their own free website and use simple features like drag and drop they can make their website look the way they want to.


Similarly, you can also make your own free website using this simple and thorough guideline for the complete process. Start now and you will see how smoothly and intuitively the whole process goes on.

Carla Houston

Carla Houston

I am Carla Houston and I am a proud blogger. I believe you don’t have to be a professional writer to write something that people would want to read. My blogs allow me to connect with my readers the way I would want to and writing blogs is more therapeutic and less of a job for me.
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