Since the dawn of PC gaming, developers have always strived to make the gaming experience that much faster, that much sleeker, and more recently, that much more portable. Companies are producing portable gaming systems to rival the likes of Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo without having to compromise on PC quality graphics and speeds.

With purse strings tightening and wallets definitely feeling the squeeze, it can seem daunting to find a good quality gaming PC that ticks all the boxes without bankrupting you. Luckily, if you shop around, there are many options priced at $1000 or less, and many with payment plans.

Game from Anywhere for Less

In short, you want a laptop that has higher speeds, more memory, and better graphics. And you want that with a friendly price tag.

The IdeaPad Gaming 3AMD laptop is priced at a reasonable $785 and rivals its more expensive counterparts in terms of specs and features. With 6 cores, NVIDIA GeForce 4GB graphics card, and 1TB of storage, this portable gaming PC lets you run your games on high settings to really get the immersive experience of online gaming. An HDMI 2.0 port means you can easily plug in an extra monitor when you’re sitting at home and want the big screen experience. You’ll never have to worry about running out of juice with Rapid Charge technology: one hour of charging equals 80% of its battery life!

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Portable, But Not Too Portable!

If you don’t need to leave the house for the game but you need a more miniature PC or one that can be moved around, Corsair has recently launched its new compact PC, the ONE i300 mini. With a capacity of just 12 litres, the developers have really packed a lot into this setup. In its tiny frame, it boasts 64GB of memory, equipped with Thunderbolt 4 to drive four 4K screens simultaneously, for the heftier price tag of $5000. As smaller systems go, it’s perfect for more stable gaming.

As a plus, you can use your desktop computer with multiple screens to really enhance your gaming experience. Of course, you won’t be leaving the house with them, but the option is there.

And if You Like Consoles

The AyaNeo 2021 pro is a console-like PC similar to a Nintendo Switch; hosting a large screen, and controllers on either side including joysticks, it gives you the freedom to play PC games without lugging around a laptop. Including a 1TB SSD and AMD Ryzen 7 CPU, you can forgive the $1315 price tag, just for the sheer quality and convenience packaged into a small console.


If you don’t want to pay that price, however, the Steam Deck is just as comparable at only $649 with 512GB of memory.
Gaming should be fun, and it should be on your terms. Portable gaming PCs put you in control of your experience, whether you choose a laptop, desktop, or console. The quality remains unchanged, and so does your enjoyment. Happy gaming!



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