A website is one of the mediums that is used in recent days. To offer products and services, to communicate, share information and such other purposes could be attached to a website. Creating a website might be in the hands of the developers however failure or success of the website could be in your hands as well.

Here are 8 points that could be the reasons why your website is failing. This posts is a must read for all website owners, brands and even bloggers…

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Top Reasons Your Website Is Failing And Solutions

1. People can’t find you online

Maybe you are not failing but instead, people are facing difficulties in finding your website. The search visibility of your website might be low and you would not be listed in the search engines.

This could make your website to have lesser visitors.  With context to this what you can do is that you can plan an SEO strategy which increases your ranking and makes suggestions about viewing or visiting your website.


Solutions for People can’t find you online:

  • Invest in Search engine optimization – it’s true that the best way people discover new websites or blogs is when they search for information on the internet. You should make sure that your website is indexed, crawled and rank on several top search engines like Google, Bing, Ask etc
  • SEO should be built on rapid strategy which is relevance, accessibility, and popularity. These three should be kept as the priority while making the SEO strategy.
  • Since 95% of the internet users are on social networking platforms, also make sure that you have social media handles for your website on several top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc

In case you want to have a fast result in Search engines, you can hire Abass to help you customise your website for SEO



2. Reasons Website fail – The design of your website is unattractive

One of the things that makes the users visit the website is the design of that website. It’s one of the common factor that attracts returning visitors to a website or blog


People might see the design and if it is unattractive or not worth having a look then there are chances that it could become a reason for the failure of your website.


Solutions for – the design of your website is unattractive:

  • You could improve the design of  your website by hiring a professional designer. Such as including a logo on the website.
  • If your website is about photography services company, then get an amazing logo from a photography logo maker and get the same theme on your website to make it look attractive and amazing.
  • Professional designers or tools of designing could be able to bring you amazing ideas of themes and designs according to the specifications of your company or whatever your website is about.

3. Reason website fail – Your Website not supported on Mobile

People nowadays use mobiles and smartphone more often than computers and laptops which is also an impactful factor in the success of any website.

One of the reasons for failure thus could be this.


Solutions – if your website is not mobile friendly:

  • Make your website mobile friendly and then you can see your visitors increasing.
  • You can use some free tools like Google Mobile Friendly Test or AmIresponsive

4. Your website might be hard to navigate

The span of attention in this era of computerization  is short which could also become a problem for website success.

If your website has unorganized content, complex navigations and the architecture of the site is confusing it could make the user switch the website to one of your competitors for a better experience.

The increased complexity of the website could be one of the reasons of bad experience of the customers or users which will eventually result in making the traffic of your website to decrease.



  • Have a clean, easy to access header navigation for your user’s experience.
  • Make sure you include some important pages like; About us page, contact us page, privacy policy etc. in the header menu section or the footer as well. A quick example of a clean and easy to access menu section is Abtechblog’s header navigation and footer section.


5. Reasons Website Fail – Poor content strategy

Content could be an important aspect of attracting viewers on any website. The content that is posted on websites could be written or graphical.

With the looks of the website, it is also important to take care of what the website says. People might take a look at the website but what impacts them most is if they’re able to find what they are searching for.

Your website content must be strategize in a way that it makes the considerations on making people to find what they need or to deliver what is intended by the company.

The content strategy must be made in a way that it makes a follow of things and things look connected to each other on the website.


  • If you have this problem with your website, one thing you can do to overcome it is to hire the best content developers and strategist who could assist you in the development of content and could be able to pull the attention of the users.
  • Strong content could also be used for SEO to make your website to be ranked in the search engines. Thus, content is one of the most important elements in the failure or success of any website.

6. Reasons Website fail – The broken features

Broken features exactly mean what it says. The under construction pages, 404 pages or bugs on the website might make a bad impression of your website on the minds of users.

These broken features will make your users believe that your website is not getting enough attention and it will also create a bad impression for your company which could result in making them visit other similar websites for their needs.



  • In order to get rid of this, you must keep your website under the constant notice and make the contemplations on removing these broken features as soon as possible.

7. Your Website looks outdated

What keeps up with time is what people want nowadays. From websites to clothing, everything should be according to what is in fashion.

Being outdated with respect to design or development or content, will also make it be useless.

Thus, you need to keep your website updated with both of these aspects as well as the content should also be updated according to the changes that are made. Anything must not be left outdated.

8. Your customers wait for too long: Site Loading Speed

Waiting for something makes its value to be decreased when it comes to websites.

When waiting for a website to load they might think of getting to another website that is faster.

Thus, to make the user stay on your website you must have fast reactions and the website should not take time to load any of its pages.



This will not only help your website visitors that might turn to prospective clients and buyers, but will also improve your website or blog ranking on search engines result pages


Final words – Reasons Website fail

These are 8 points that could be the reason for the failure of your website and with the solutions I’ve listed above, you can see that it’s quite easy to get rid of them.


But hiring a professional designer and developer could solve most of the problems.

Also, it could be stated that a website can make the business to grow more rapidly than people could even think thus spending money on the website should not be considered as costs but as investments.

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Also, let me know if you’ve learnt a lesson or two by sharing your comments in the box below.

Thanks and welcome!

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