While a lot of bloggers are making huge income from the internet, the hidden truth is that most bloggers are broke and I mean extremely broke. I’ll show you why it’s so and some tips for solutions.

I don’t like bragging, however I even have to mention I’m a fairly smart blogger.

It’s not as a result of being sensible or something like that, it’s usually because I screwed up to one or two things that works for me and do it again and again.

Over the past five years, I’ve setup five blogs and create many mistakes, eventually you’re sure to understand that I know what to try and what to not do.


Let’s come to the subject matter…

Sure, you want comments and more engagement on your blog.

And subscribers, and shares, and likes.

But you don’t really care about any of these things. But You also want what they will eventually lead to …


Yes, traffic is good, and so is reader engagement. But if you’re reading this, chances are you’re running a blog with the intention of making some money.

Now, that could be a bit distressing, because most bloggers are broke.

Some bloggers don’t have traffic or reader engagement, and some bloggers have lots of both. But most bloggers aren’t making any money.

Here’s why …

Why Most Bloggers Are Broke

1. The Fear of Making Mistakes

This might sound weird, but the possible reason why you might be broke as a blogger is because you’re not ready to make any step forward because you don’t want to make mistakes.

Anne Lamott said in her book Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. “Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people.”


The fear of trying new strategies, new techniques and skills might just dump you on a static field.


2. They Don’t Want To Invest

I started blogging years back as a result of getting my voice heard on the web and I thought it had been an inexpensive thing to drive additional income to my wallet.

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Although there are lot of free blogging platforms, they’re still need to invest more money and time on your blog.

Let me state explain…

If you only wish to make a personal blog, you’ll easily setup a free  blog on Blogger.com or WordPress.com.

And if you would like to host a blog on your own server together with your own name, you’ll do this for below $50 a year.

But if you’re making an attempt to make cash from your blog, you’ll need to pay cash to create it.




Here are some ways you can invest your money or time in blogging and make cash:

  • Design/customization: creating a isn’t enough, your blog must have that professional look. To get approved by some affiliate programs and ad network, you need to make your blog responsive too.
  • Search Engine Optimisation:  investing your time in your blog SEO is the best thing that you can do to your blog if you really want to make an income from blogging. But if you don’t know SEO, don’t try luck, because a single mistake might ruin your blog. Therefore, I recommend you to hire a Professional SEO Expert and improve your blog rank on SERP.
  • Social Media Marketing:  another way to increase your blog traffic and get your blog noticed is leveraging on Social Media Marketing (SMM).
  • Email Marketing:  gathering your mailing list requires time. And to send bulk mails like a pro, to your subscribers you’ll need premium tools like MailerLite, Mailchimp etc.
  • Link Building: to boost your blog’s authority and visibility, one of the thing you need most is Quality Dofollow Backlinks.


Don’t rely on free packages, invest some money on important things and get the output which is money.


3. Bad Blogging Platform

Choosing a blogging platform can be confusing for some and its a dilemma.

Many aspiring bloggers just Google words like “create a
new blog, free blog etc ” and the search entries confuse them, ranging from Wapka, Wix sites, Blogger, WordPress, Pepperonity, Delicious, Tumblr and so on.

Using those blogging platforms isn’t bad, but how far do you want to go with them?

I advice bloggers to either use Blogger or self-hosted WordPress which are very easy to use and customize and requires little or no coding skills to set it up.

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Your blogging platform determines how well your blog will perform, therefore, choose it wisely.


4. Your Blog isn’t solving Problems

If you would like to create Income within the world, solve real problems

If you don’t provide customers one thing they dearly need, whether or not it’s to achieve some nice pleasure or escape some nice pain, you’re not aiming to build any cash.

People do need diversion and relief from dissatisfaction, however marketing pure diversion online is hard.

Without delay the expectation on the web is that entertainment is free. You’ll need to get creative to flee that context, a similar method musicians had to induce inventive to make a living once free music sharing became the norm.


5 Ignorance

Some guys just blog without knowledge on things like:

  • How to choose a suitable domain
  • Meta tags
  • SEO
  • widgets
  • keywords
  • tags
  • niche
  • traffic
  • audience targeting etc.

these are some basic things you need to know before diving into blogging…


6. Have Primary Aim of Making Money

The main aim of blogging was to promote goods and services to a targeted audience and generate leads and sales on the long run.

Blogging should be solely based on
passion, if you join blogging to make money then you are
going to crash, blogging should be based on the genuine love
for the art and not the money.

If this line hurts you, I apologize.

But that’s the bitter truth.

Money will come only when you do it the right way.

7. Following the crowd

Before you blog, be unique,
most people dive into entertainment, news, sports, politics, etc. which are highly competitive niches and then they end up going blogrupt…..lol


The greatest secret of blogging
fame is to build a blog that solves a problem.

LindaIkeji solves gossip, Neil Patel solves blogging, Abtechblog promotes technology and blogging.

try to be unique in language/writing skills and even appearance.


8. They’re Aren’t Consistent

Consistency is that the key to growth.

I never knew consistency was vital till it affected my traffic…in a negative means.


9. The Fear of starting their own blog

Most Bloggers prefer blogging for other blogs for money instead of owning their own blog.

Jack Ma, the richest man in China said and I quote: “If you put Bananas and Money in front of Monkeys, monkeys will choose Bananas because monkeys do not know that money can buy a lot of Bananas.”

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IN REALITY, if you offer JOB and BUSINESS to people, they would choose JOB because most people don’t know that BUSINESS can bring more MONEY than wages.

“Profit is better than wages, for wages can make you a living but profits can bring you a fortune.”

Don’t Be A Monkey!

Start your own blog today and learn how you can build your own blogging empire.


10. They spend extravagantly

Yea, this is the last point but not the least, even while the money booms in, they still go broke because they don’t have a budget or a spending map. *winks

They want to buy all the latest gadgets and designers till the money finish, without investing a dime.

That’s how broke bloggers behave.

They even go into a lot of debts.

They only hope to receive payout on the 21 of each month from AdSense.

At times, those ad networks might  fail them because their account can be disable anytime.


But on the contrary, smart bloggers create multiple streams of income.

They don’t rely on AdSense or other ad networks.

They solve problems with their blogs.

And this bring money!


Solutions For Broke Bloggers

  1. ‎Host your blog on a goof platform
  2. Choose a good and suitable domain name
  3. Invest your time and money to get output
  4. To succeed, you’ll need to try new techniques and you might make mistakes
  5. always use a premium theme
  6. keep learning and keep adding
  7. avoid unrelated ads
  8. stick to it: once you setup your blog, work on it, love it, cherish it, and it will keep growing.
  9. When the money comes in, don’t spend extravagantly, have a budget, invest 40-60% or even all of it if possible.



Blogging is an awesome means of making cool money online, but it requires a lots of smart work, patience and money to make it become a source of income.

These are the common reasons why most bloggers are broke and some possible solutions for broke bloggers.

I appreciate your contributions, please use the comment box below to add to the list, some possible reasons why most bloggers are broke and solutions.


Happy blogging!



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