Do you want to produce and sell candles? This guide will help you achieve that and more. Candle making business is a low-capital business which you can start small and grow with little capital.

The production business, such as candle production, is highly lucrative as your revenues are bound to increase (or reduce) as compared to salary jobs.

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That Candles are no more in vogue as they used to do not mean they are totally out of use. Truth is, daily, candles are bought and sold. Many students today still use candles to light-up their study rooms, while churches and other religious bodies use them during services.


Candles are special decorative agents for cakes and have high aesthetic value during dinners and special functions. Hence, given these possibilities, therefore, there is a ready, hungry market for candle making business in Kenya. You should consider stating this business using the steps below.


Candle Production Raw Materials

You need 3 basic materials to produce candles in Kenya. They are Wax, Wick, and Stearic acid.

Candle (Paraffin) Wax:

The Candle wax is the main raw material for making a candle. It is that solid part of a candle which melts as soon as the candle wick is lighted. Today, it is mostly paraffin wax (not beeswax) that forms is used for candle production since as compared with bees was, has a better burning property. This is evident in its longer melt time given its lower combustion affinity.

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There is a wide range of Paraffin wax differs in the market with varying prices and colors. However, they are not scarce but can be easily procured locally. you can buy it in slabs or as pellets. Bulk purchases usually come with a discount.


Candle Wick:

That Thread which runs all through the candle is called candle wick. Someone people call it the soul of the candle. Funny. The candle wick in vogue in the market today is the braided wick, and they come in different sizes, qualities, and colors.

The size and type of candle you are preparing to make will determine the size and color of wick you will buy.


Generally, a thinner wick is what is commonly used for paraffin wax while beeswax makes use of a thicker wick.
Be careful to match the candle wick with the candle wax as a low-quality wick can over-burn and quickly destroy your candle.


Stearic Acid:

stearic acid is a colorless and odorless crystalline fatty acid which when combined with paraffin wax, aids the combustion of candles. It helps to regulate the burning efficiency of the candle. It can be described as a sustainer, as it helps to keeps the fire burning.


The Candle Production Process: Methods & Steps

You can make candles locally, or deploy machines, depending on the capacity (quantity and quality) of production that you want.

It cost A lot of money to Get a Candle Production Machine, This machine is available in large markets across Kenya. It comes in various sizes and capacities. It can also be imported from abroad.


See The Steps To Produce Candles Below

The Pouring Method

1. Mix your raw materials; the Paraffin Wax and Stearic acid and heat them up.


2. Place your wick inside a tube you have designed for this purpose.

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3. Pour the hot and melted mixture into a tube in step 2. above. If you are using a machine, then, automatically pour the mixture into the series of arranged tubes.


4. Allow it to cool. After some time, empty the tube to get your candle.


The Pressing Method:

In this method, the component raw materials are ground into powder and pressed to form a thick mass of candle(s). It is a faster, stressful and less efficient method of making candles.

Top Candle Making Business Marketing Tips

1. Display your product distinctively at exhibitions and shows.

2. Market to wholesalers and retailers in your location.

3. Target selling to places in need of regular and scented candles such as Hotels, Churches, restaurants, etc.

4. Get your candle making business a functional business website.

5. Run social media adverts, advertise in local and national newspapers and join candle makers association.

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You can make your candles outstanding by adding scents and colors to them. But don’t overdo it. Use greasy colors and to avoid over-burning of your candles.

Also, avoid adding excess stearic to the paraffin wax. Always stick to recommended mixing ratios.

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