If you’re reading this, there’s a high probability that you’ve been ignorant about this lucrative venture that have rolled in millions into the pocket of few people.

Some might wonder, what gain can I get from growing cucumber?


Never in their world could they imagine that as simple as it looks, can make a man rich.

While many are wasting their youthful years pursuing stale degrees, few are making themselves millionaires just by doing little or nothing at all.

The most interesting part is that cucumber is consumed worldwide and its demand is tremendously high.


Why can’t you tap into this green land?

You can establish yourself here in Kenya just by growing cucumber.

In fact, you don’t need to worry about the sales. Like I said, the demand is enormously high and supply isn’t meeting up.


There are many simple ways to make money here in Kenya, but it’s disheartening cause many are myopic.

They prefer to fly to Europe, Malaysia in search of greener pastures when their homeland is a goldmine.

I’m going to make it as simple and detailed as possible on how to start making money just by growing cucumber.

This agricultural produce contains tons of nutritional values which has no doubt made it the most sought after vegetable in the world.

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You don’t need to buy an e-book to know how to start this business. All you need is the basic knowledge on how to grow cucumber and you’re ready to go.


How to start a cucumber farm

1. Survey & plan – Every business, no matter how little requires an in-depth research to further familiarize you with the pros and cons. The same applies to cucumber farming.

Writing a business plan is an attribute of a serious business man..

You need to know the specie of cucumber that strives well in your site.

You also need to know where your target market is. Knowing who you’re producng to, the where of the business, time of production make the business an easy tackle.

You don’t need huge amount of money to go into cucumber farming, but you need to have an estimate of what to begin with.

Create a business plan, it’s a roadmap to success.


2. Land preparation – After you’ve concluded with your research, the next phase will be to get your land ready for planting.

No matter how little or big, it can be used to start this business without any hurdles at all.

Cucumber produce beautifully in a rich humid soil, getting one comes with multiple advantage.

Not only does it save the money for irrigation, it makes the cucumber big and greenish which is usually the real deal in the market.

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Get a land, situated in a good site and you’re good to go.


3. Plant the seed – By this time, the land has been well cleared and tilled. It’s been moistened and adequate fertilizer added.

Then go ahead and plant.. Take note that your cucumber is to be planted in a hole of about 2.5cm deep and a space of 50cm, apart from each other.

If it’s possible, you should fence to restrict unnecessary disturbance from intruders.


4. Time to harvest – Within 50-70 days, your cucumber should be ready for sale.

This is the stage where you make your profit and come to the enlightenment on how lucrative cucumber farming is.

Depending on how big, you can chose to retail or wholesale.

Contacting companies that deals on cucumber is one unique way to gain exposure


Types of cucumber seed to use:

This is usually one of the frequently asked questions.

What kind of seed is suitable for my location?

How do I get them?

Which specie is of high yield and resistant to disease?

Actually, the type of seed you use determines the success of your cucumber business. You need to ask yourself;


1. Is it a local of foreign seed?

2. Is it an open or closed seed?

3. Is it hybrid or general seed?

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The type of seed you use will decide the duration from planting to harvest. It determines if you’re to plant in an open location or closed.

You see, the type of seed you use triggers a lot of factors. That’s why research is necessary before starting out.


Where can I get the seed?:

There are numerous ways to do that. You either order online or offline. This is not an issue at all. Just a simple Google Search can lead you to a seller.


Cucumber business is a goldmine, tapping into this business opportunity can make a whole lot of difference.

I know of a friend who pay his school and take care of his little siblings through this business. You’re looking for a business to do? Cucumber is a lucrative path.

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