How To Start Fruit Juice Production Business In Africa [The A-Z Guide]

Natural fruits juice production falls under the industrial businesses in top African countries like Nigeria, Ghana Kenya, Morocco etc. The easy availability of the essential raw materials for natural fruit juice production makes it a business with high prospects and good returns on investment (ROI) in Africa.


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Natural Fruit Juice Production

Fruit juice is the result of the extraction process which includes suspension of waters, sugars, acids, vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

It surpasses the mere squeezing of fruits to extract the juice at home to include the complicated processes of fruits and additives mixing, preparation, bottling, preservation, and packaging.

Natural fruit juice normally should not contain a preservative, if processed and packaged properly.

However, due to industrial and market wisdom, most fruit juices contain preservatives, even with proper processing and packaging.

The essence of the preservatives is to give the fruit juice a longer shelf-life its package has been opened. The best natural fruit juice is one taken raw without any industrial processing or packaging.

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Steps To Start Natural Fruit Juice Production Business In Africa

Follow the steps if you wish to start a Natural Fruit Juice Production factory:

Registration and Licensing: To avoid any faceoff with the government, and to ensure standardization, the first thing to do when starting natural fruit juice production business in Kenya is to get registered first.

You must be licensed by the appropriate Governmental regulatory agencies before you begin natural fruit juice production business in the country.

The Agencies will provide you with the necessary registration, licensing and all forms of paperwork required to operate natural fruit juice production business in Kenya.


Source For Your Raw Materials (Fruits)This is the major requirement needed for the business. There are various fruits available to choose from and make juices.

Some of the essential raw materials for making natural fruit juice includes Paw Paw, Oranges, Lemon, Lime, Pineapple, Mangoes, and Guava. These are grown and available in abundance in Kenya.


To Preserve Or Not To Preserve: Decide
If your fruit juice is freshly made and is meant for consumption immediately you may not need to use preservatives.

This is typical of fruit juice made in or for immediate consumption at hotels, bars, fast food centers, shopping malls etc.

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However, for large quantity productions which would last for some time, there is the need to add preservatives to keep them in good condition.

Get Fruit Juice Production Tools, Equipment, and Machinery:

This may include some of the followings;

1. A Boiler

2. A filling machine

3. A filter press

4. A tank for blending

5. A tank for washing the fruit

6. An extractor

7. Cutting boards

8. Knives (stainless steel)

9. Peeler

10. Water Containers

Pitch Your Location:

When looking for a place to start your business, you may have to consider your nearness to raw materials as well as your nearness to your target market.

These two factors will go a long way in ensuring that your business runs smoothly.


Design a Good Business Plan:

Drawing up a good plan is essential in this business. This will determine and give you an overview of your monthly expenditures as well as income ratios and other necessary details.


Storage and Packaging:

You will need to get a good place to properly store your products. A warehouse or a store will be needed for storing.

Packaging can be taken care of by hiring a firm to supply you with the containers for packaging and branding your fruit juice after production.



This has to do with your staffing and advisers. For staffing, employ a team of experts in fruit juice production and machine installation who will help you move the business forward.

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This includes factory workers and nutritionists. Your major advisers should be the veterans in this field, meet big companies C.E.Os and executives in the Kenyan nutrition industry for expert advice on how to run the business successfully.


Advertisement and Marketing Strategies:

Let us now consider how to market and boost the Profitability and sustainability of Natural Fruit Juice Production Business in Kenya.

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