It Sounds strange, right? 

It’s already 2018. I know you’ve set some new goals for yourself. Me and some professionals will help you achieve your goals this 2018 and become a Successful Freelance Writer and entrepreneur if that’s your aim.

One way to achieve that is to start making Multiple stream of Passive income!


What is Passive Income?

Passive income is the ability to add additional money to your wallet either from that Hobby you love or a career, while you still maintain your primary job.


Do you really want to achieve them? Then you must step up the game.

How many hours were you working a day in 2017?

Are you working for somebody or are you self-employed?

Of course, that might be your privacy!
But You need to start producing money.

If your income stops flowing  immediately after you stop working then you’re working for money.

That’s why you need multiple streams of income to add more income to your wallet.

There are a lots of online job opportunities for everyone even with little or no knowledge of WWW.

Some weeks ago I published an ebook about “30 Legitimate Online Businesses” you can start easily.

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Tab the link below and get yours if you’ve not gotten yours.

Download Link


Freelancing Coach 1.0

Today I’m bringing you a lucrative online money making opportunity (Freelance Writing).

I’ve been making some tasty amount of money ever since I started freelancing, from writing #350 per post to collecting thousands for just writing a blog post.

Are you a good writer? Even if your answer is NO, you don’t have to worry.

But if YES, you have a lucrative talent.
But you have to know that writing digital article is different from analog articles.

Therefore, me and some Professional dudes in Freelance writing will coach on how to become a Successful Freelance Writer. (Freelancing Coach 1.0)


In just 2days you’ll learn: 


  • How to get clients that pay you $$$ to write 350 to 2000 words articles. 


  •   How to successfully market your writing skills 


  •  How to receive fund from foreign clients into your local bank account.


This online course is holding in a Secret Facebook Group.

We only need few amount of individuals for this training.

How much do you think this training should cost? #20, 000, #30, 000 or #10, 000?

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No, this training is really affordable.
The first birth of this training will be just N1500 ($10) .

So the first group of people to register for this training from now to January 5 will get entrance to this training at just a groundnut price of #1500.


I know after getting this course you’ll be eager to pay more because of the package we’ll offer you. That’s what happened on my Digital Marketing Insight that hold a month ago.


After January 5, the price of this training will return to the actual price of #3000.

No need to contemplate whether to buy this course or not.

Because you’ll get back your token in just a week interval. If not I’ll refund your money.


To be part of this training, send #1500 to:

A/C name: Etop, Abasifreke Asuquo

acc n0: 3095066412

Bank: First Bank Nig.

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After payment send details or screenshot of payment here or

I wish you the best!

#FreelancingCoach1.0 #Abtechblog



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