Pork is one of these meat the world can’t do without, especially China. It’s the most widely consumed meat and a lucrative livestock farming in Kenya and all over the world.


Pig farming in Kenya have been around and there’s no sign of it pulling out of the marketplace anytime soon, reason being that demand is always on the increase. The few players are yet to harnessed the full potential and yet, they live in wealth among us.


Some time last year, a church member of mine bought a new SUV jeep. I got to know through the testimony he gave in church.

My curiosity to know the source of his livelihood led me to something unlikely. All he does is to take care of his pigs and in return, counts stacks of money everyday. Is pig farming that lucrative? I found myself asking. I never thought that these dirty stinking pigs can spill money, however my orientation changed for the better.


If a man with a wife and four kids can afford to buy an SUV jeep as a pig farmer, then this business is more than profitable.

In fact, It’s a liquid goldmine.

In this article, i’m going to be as detailed as possible on how you can start up a pig farm and make huge returns in months time.



Frankly, this is one of the most lucrative business opportunities here in Kenya that have not been fully tapped.

One particular reason pig farming in Kenya is more lucrative than any other livestock farming like goat or
poultry is because a pig can give birth to over 15 piglet at once.



1. EMPLOYMENT – In this era of unemployment, pig farming will make sure you’re adequately employed. Not only will you become self employed, by employing others as staffs, you become a real entrepreneur.

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2. INCOME – The few individuals in this business have never experienced any sort of money issue. This is because of the lucrative nature of pig farming.

3. HIGH DEMAND – Pork meat is on demand and the few people in it aren’t meeting up to demand. Starting this business will surely be the best decision of your life.

4. HIGH PRODUCTION – Pigs are known for their high and fast production. This is what have made it lucrative more than any other farm animals.

5. EASIER TO MANAGE – Pig farming is easier to operate and run unlike goat or any other livestock farming.




This is definitely the first assignment and most crucial part of it. If you’re able to acquire a land, then the battle is half won. Get a half or a plot of land if you want to start in a medium scale.

Getting a land in a rural area will be your best shot cause.

However, make sure it’s very close to the city for easy transportation to the market.

Sometimes, people might want to buy directly from the farm.. So make sure your it’s not too far away from potential customers.



The structure where the pigs will be kept is called a pen. When building, prefer to build it in a square rather than rectangle so that the pigs will have free movement around the pen.

It will be best to have it divided into 4 parts.. A place for resting or sleeping, a place for feeding, a place where they can urinate and finally, a place where they can play around.

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Allow them to choose a place where they will use as a toilet. They prefer to choose a spot than you choosing it for them.

It is also recommended you build them a pool.. Pigs loves to swim a lot. Not only will it remove the dirt and make them neat, it will cool their body temperature which they love doing.



You can buy from the market or directly from another pig farm. When choosing a pig to buy, take your time and access their health.

Also make sure you get a few history about their parents. Don’t be in a hurry cause your money is involved here. Make sure you’re convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that the pigs are in perfect condition and shape.

A healthy pig should have a glossy skin, good temperament, bright eyes etc..



Depending on how big your pig farm is, you might have to employ more hands especially if you’re feeling drained or stressed.

Employing people will ensures that your pig farm grows cause productivity will surely increase.

One of the reasons why pig farming in Kenya is recommended is because of its employment opportunities. A secondary school graduate can be employed cause piggry is not something that’s too technical to comprehend. All it might require is a week apprenticeship.




Pigs eats like humans. They can eat virtually anything, ranging from meat, corns, vegetables, including left over meals.

Most pig farmers usually go to anywhere there’s a ceremony. It’s not for sight-seeing rather, to pack as many left over food as possible for their pigs.

Pig farming in Kenya is very cheap to handle because you won’t be spending much on feeding.

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However, it’s also necessary that you feed them with vitamins, rich supplement and heavy protein to enhance their growth and development.



This is usually the stage where most prospective pig farmers lay emphasis. They keep asking, “How will I sell them off?” “Who will buy?”

The market for pork meat is huge, both local and international. There are numerous hotels, restaurants and individuals who are in the business of serving pork meet to their customers.

This is what you should find out during your feasibility study to determine the location of your target market.

The greatest mistake you will ever make is to delve into a business without first being sure of its demand and the location of your target market.





Pig farming in Kenya is no doubt a lucrative agribusiness that has come to stay.

Many unemployed graduates are roaming the street, looking for a well-paying job while an opportunity to make much more waste around.

As a big farmer, you can be whatever you want to be.

All it takes to start pig farming in Kenya is just resources and a basic knowledge of how to start and manage the farm.

Within 6 months of startup, you’ll get to understand that making money is easy and fun.

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