Do you know you can become a millionaire in 85 days with watermelon farming business here in Kenya? I didn’t believe it despite staring at empirical evidences of its possibility. Watermelon is virtually everyone’s favorite, including I.

The fact that I’ve not written about this business for over three months of starting this site is pitiful. Thanks to Mr. Kenyan who called me recently with the sole aim of shading ignorance away.


He’s into this watermelon farming business and yet, didn’t battle an eyelid in exposing how lucrative this business is. It’s been long I came across such a selfless person.

This article is a sample business plan template which means, it’s going to guide you adequately on how to start this business without any hassle at all.

Watermelon farming business is a lucrative agribusiness, especially here in Kenya where demand is always on the increase.


According to Mr. Kenyan, he conducted an experiment recently to find out if watermelon can grow on River Sand and the result was glaring.

He told me, “Watermelon farming business is very lucrative cause it’s not seasonal, it can grow all year round, up to three batches a year”

I didn’t quiet believe him until I ran a research and everything he spurted was on point. It takes 85 days for a watermelon to mature and the circle can be repeated for up to three times in one year.

When I said that this business can make you a millionaire, I wasn’t really exaggerating. It all depends on how much you’re ready to invest.


With a lucrative business such as this, I still don’t know why most of our graduates prefer a white-collar jobs to agribusinesses that can literally make one rich.

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The sound of agriculture usually sound irritating, but when you delve in, only then will you discover that money can be grown.





The demand for watermelon is pretty higher than that of cucumber and that has made it a lucrative business.

Most fruit juice companies are potential customers cause they need watermelon for some fruits supplement. If you become a supplier, then you’re made for life.



In watermelon farming business, you don’t need to worry about pest cause watermelon is pest resistant. All you’ll need to do is tender it to maturity.



This is another factor that attracted me the most. Its yield is very high and can be repeated three times in a year, making you lots of money in return.



Once you have the capital, starting a watermelon farming business is very easy. It’s not technical nor is it demanding.

The good thing is, you can harvest over 1000 watermelon depending on how big your farm is. There’s no limit to what you can produce. By employing more hands in this business, you’ll be able to make yourself a millionaire in a year.




This should be the primary target. The size of the farm will determine the scale and ultimately, the amount you will realize. 1 or 2 plot of land will be best for a beginner.

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However, make sure the land is in a site that receives 6 – 8 hours sunlight. This is because watermelon strive while in a hot weather. If sunlight is lacking, it will extend its duration to maturity.



This can be gotten from another farm or bought directly from the market. The type of seed you’ll use will affect the output. So make sure you find out the best specie and learn about its process of cultivation.



After you’ve gotten a land and watermelon seedlings, then the next step will be planting them. For a beginner, it might look complicating but it’s not.

Sow watermelon seed in rows and don’t plant more than four seeds per row. The rows should be ten feet apart from each other to avoid competition.

Also make sure you leave about 6 inches space between the seeds. When making your hole, make sure it’s not more than 1 foot deep and 1.5cm wide.

I will recommend planting when it’s about 70 degree hot cause that’s when watermelon performs better. Cover the 1 foot deep hole with fertiliser, then stick in the seed with your finger. Make sure it’s not more than 0.5 foot deep.



Watermelon needs water to mature, although not too much of it. After planting, water it twice a week. As time goes, reduce to once in two weeks.

Watermelon needs water to survive, but too much of it will make it taste watery. I’m sure you have eaten such watery watermelon before. It’s because the farmer watered it beyond the required amount.



You won’t be worrying about pest cause watermelon is pest proof.

However, you’ll need to weed the farm to avoid unnecessary competition. You can weed once in two weeks or more. It can be done by using a hoe or a herbicide. Go ahead with any measure that’s fine by you.

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It will normal take 85 days for your watermelons to reach maturity. That doesn’t mean it can’t stay more than that.

It all lies on the variety of the watermelon. When buying the seed, ask the seller everything you need to know about the seed. They will always be glad to explain more.




This is where the real action begins cause it’s the stage where you make more than you invested. Transport your goods and sale to wholesalers, retailers or even to fruit juice companies that specialise in the production of fruits supplements.

Fruit stores, restaurants, hotels etc are also target markets you shouldn’t overlook. Don’t forget that you can also sell directly to final consumers. That’s when you realize more than you invested.

Watermelon is always on demand and the chances of you not selling them off is very slim provided you took a step to meet potential customers.

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