Steps To Starting A Driving School Business In Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya etc


Driving school business is among these businesses people don’t bother debating on, as to whether it’s lucrative or not.

This is partly to the fact that such a business is seen to be very technical and risky.

Sorry to burst bubbles, this business is easy and a rich goldmine.

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It’s also capital-intensive and at the same time, a money-making machine.

However, you must have superior training skills before you think of starting a driving school business in Kenya. There’s a popular saying, ‘you can’t give what you don’t have’.

Having the skills alone isn’t enough.

You must be able to passed across your skill. In the event whereby you’re not that savvy, you can always employ someone who will. It’s not a hurdle at all.


Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) have made it paramount, in the sense that an individual must show evidence that he has passed through a registered driving School before driving license can be issued. In this article, I’m going to guide you on how to start a driving school business.

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Before you think of establishing a driving school, you need to get a license from the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

However, you’ll need to register your business with the
corporate affairs commission before a license can be given.



Location should not be a problem as long as it’s easy to find by prospective students. Make sure your business location is huge for classes and driving space.

Remember, your student needs a conducive environment where they can learn without any form of distraction.



Look around your chosen business location , are their competitors around? These are most of the factors which your business plan must contained, including ways by which you can successfully penetrate the market.

The fear of every business is competition, but if you’re able to stand out, you’ll not only beat competitors, you’ll become a brand.



Remember, driving school business is not different from a primary or secondary school education.

So, you need a well-trained instructor(s) in your school. Before you hire an instructor, make sure he’s licensed and have all the knowledge required to make the business a success and also impact on students.



A driving school is not different from other school out there provided it’s all about learning. In this driving school business, you need to be prepared and that can be done by having everything in place.

Plan with your instructor(s) in developing a driving school curriculum. Because of limited training vehicle, it should be developed in such a way that every candidate will have something to train with during his or her period.

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As a starter, you’ll need at least, two cars for training. You’ll also need computers for driving simulation, chairs, table, handouts etc…

Through your feasibility study , you’ll be able to know what is needed to establish a driving school.



There are lots of mediums by which you can create awareness about your business, both online and offline.

Take for instance, targeted facebook ad. With facebook Ad, you can target individuals in a specific geographical location, probably around your business location. There are other mediums like twitter, adverts on forums, blogs etc. Also take a look offline by going to buy airtime on popular radio station and television channels in your location, even newspaper or magazine classified ad can do a lot.

The more people know about your driving school business, the more customers you’ll be able to pull in and the faster you create a brand.

Take Note: Focus on delivering value. When such is done, customers will be the ones running adverts for you in terms of recommendation.

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Driving school business is a lucrative business, judging from the increase by which people are acquiring cars.

It’s a millionaire business opportunity that you should take charge of if you’re looking for a business to start-up and make money.

With a good business plan and positive mindset, becoming a successful business person becomes evident.

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