­Perhaps you’ve wondered how some writers make money from their fingertips? You may have tried to do this yourself and failed miserably! Or you’re just about to have a crack at becoming a successful freelance writer for the first time? Here are the best tips on becoming A successful Freelance Writer from my Case Study.


Before you get the ballpoint rolling, below are easy but effective secrets on how To Become a Successful Freelance Writer.

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Best Tips on Becoming A Successful Freelance Writer (Case Study)

#1.  Study The Audience Carefully

Okay, you want to earn your living writing stories or articles. You imagine giving up your boring old jobs to become a writer. You’ll get out of bed when it suits you; maybe stay in your old dressing gown until noon crafting away.

Then the money will start to roll in… What if I told you that life isn’t like that for most writers? The majority of writers have to discipline themselves by nailing themselves down in front of the computer screen even when they don’t much feel like it.

It can take longer to find a suitable market than it takes to write the article or story in the first place. To find a suitable publishable platform.


#2. Be Realistic

It’s no good submitting articles or stories right, left and centre to editors if your writing ability is not up to scratch.

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Maybe your grammar needs polishing up?

Or your punctuation leaves a lot to be desired?

Do you have the foggiest idea of how to format an article?

Whoa! Hold your horses one moment. Writers have to LEARN their craft. It’s highly unlikely you are so gifted you can decide to be a writer one day and earn money the next. This is not the case for everyone, so be realistic in your goal.

Don’t be furious about others, watch and focus on your part and never give up. Let your crafts be real and natural as if you are communicating with a friend or co-worker.


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#3. Decide What To Write About

If you want to be a good writer, decide what you want to craft.

Either with a friend or personally. Lower the frequency of non-fiction articles and concentrate on the opposite.

The best thing to do is to grab a paper and pen and ‘brainstorm’ ideas. For e.g, what jobs have you had?

You may have been in the engineering profession, so you would have knowledge of engineering matters, or you may have experience of working outside the home as well as being a parent. What hobbies and interests do you have?

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You may be a keen genealogist and be able to write an article on how to start researching your family tree.

Or you may have experience collecting something unusual or be an expert on rare books. Think about the questions you would have if you were new to a particular hobby or interest.

Choose a topic and just centre the content on the particular topic.


#4. Persistence is The Key

The persistent writer is the one who gets there in the end. If you are the type of writer who has a lot of talent, but can’t handle rejection, then you’re done for.

Rejection is all part and parcel of being a writer. The writer who has not received a rejection slip at some time or another is probably still unpublished, even well-known writers get rejections.

There have even been some who have had so many that they’ve papered a small room with slips! Even the pros do have rejections


Though it’s not easy to find the previous article that you spent time crafting, it’s also unavoidable. So when if your work is rejected, don’t give up.

Send it back out as soon as possible, and find another market for it. If it is rejected more than a few times, edit and revise and re-submit.


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#5. Promote your Work

If you are fortunate enough to get some of your work published, think about setting up your own website.

You will be able to do this for free if you try one of the following:
a)   Fiverr

b) Upwork


It may not require HTML programming. Use the website to display your works, or to provide links to online articles or stories you’ve had published.

Advertise any services you have to offer on your site; for example, you might teach an online class.



Wrap Up

Yea is it…
So now I’ve given you the five secrets, do you think you’ve got what it takes to become a freelance writer? I believe you have some tips on how to become a successful freelance writer. Please share with us using the comment section.

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