Designing and launching a mobile application is not the end of the story, the real script starts when your app is published on the app store where thousands of mobile applications are listed to be downloaded by the user. App store serves as a market place for different mobile applications to be sold or to be downloaded for free.


On average, around 2371 mobile applications are published on the app store every day, in which android covers 47% and iOS covers 41%. App store is one important platform for your mobile application to be used by your potential customer. To get yourself recognized it is very important to optimize your mobile applications. Here are the tricks to optimize your mobile application.


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Choose the best name for your app

Selecting a unique name helps a lot in making your mobile application very popular and can be one of the strongest tool to rate your mobile application among the top 10 mobile apps on the app store. To maximize your results use relevant keywords to optimize your mobile application. Use keywords in your title to maximize your results.



The title of your mobile application should have at least 225 characters. However, keyword stuffing is never advised by any app developer. Your keyword should be placed in such a way that it is first followed by your app name because only 23 characters are displayed on the search screen. It is always recommended to use comprehensible character title.

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Craft a powerful description

Just like working as a SEO professional for ranking a website, it is also important for creating a very powerful description for optimizing your mobile application. Your description should always be in the form of call to action which further helps the user to easily understand your mobile application. Always list your extraordinary features and use clear-cut language which is understandable for the user.

App store


It is always recommended to convey your message in the first three lines and your content should be strong enough to grab the attention of the customer. Always make your customer understand your mobile application. After every update or change, it is recommended to amend your description accordingly.


Make the most of your keywords

Talking about Google play store specifically, it follows a very different approach in comparison with the Apple’s app store. Google play store is similar in work in comparison with modern day Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google gathers all your keywords displayed in the title and description and displays them on the search screen. This means that you have to use your keywords correctly to make the most of it. Otherwise your optimization will not work according to your plan.


Recognize your target market

For every app developer the most and the first thing to take into account is the understanding of your target audience. The developer should implement the right language and description to make sure that the target audience are getting your message correctly.

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It is also important to make sure if you specify the reason regarding the importance of your mobile application and should also understand the right keyword which should be used to target the right audience. Focus on the move of your customer to identify the right keyword for your mobile application.

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Market your app with screenshots and videos

App store

App store optimization is the modern day marketing tool. It is one of the highly ranked tool recognized today to market your product or service. Integrating videos and screenshots of your mobile application provide a clear-cut view to the user about the purpose and the functionality of the mobile application. This can be another important step in optimizing your mobile application.


Use a distinctive icon

Another important rule applied while optimizing your mobile application is that always use a unique and distinctive icon. Customers are usually addicted to endless browsing of different mobile applications, a unique icon may create an urge for the user to download your mobile application. The icon for an android app should be around 512*512.


Upgrade your app regularly

In order to make a name for your mobile application, updates and upgrades are recommended to be always on top. As we all know that the tech industry is always evolving and changing, the dynamics and parameters of the app industry also change on regular basis.


In order to keep your app user interested always update your mobile application according to the latest industry standards to maximize the use of your app. This will result in optimizing your app in a much better way.

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Maximize your traffic through promotions

Another optimization tool is ON page optimization of your mobile application. The higher the number of traffic the better the results you will receive. To initiate more traffic on your mobile application it is very important to generate online presence through different social media platforms.


Promote your mobile applications through reviews and ratings and by social media promotions. This will allow the user to have a better knowledge and understanding of your mobile application.


Convalesce your Feedbacks and ratings

It is very obvious the better the feedback from your customers, the higher will be the traffic on your mobile application. Higher number of ratings is another important step to win the trust of your target audience. It serves as a purpose that your app is delivering satisfying results to your customers.


Localize your mobile app listings

It is very difficult to target your customers globally. This is because the technique of one size fits all will never work. This is probably one of the major reasons why majority of the people choose those applications which have their native language. It is always recommended to segment your target audience before launching the mobile application.

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Optimizing your mobile application is one of the strongest tool for promoting your mobile applications. If your mobile application is listed among the top searches, the customer trust level will automatically increase and they will probably opt for your mobile application over any other.

Nancy Lamas

Nancy Lamas

Nancy Lamas is one of the highly paid mobile app developer and has worked with a highly professional <a href="" rel="nofollow">mobile app development New Jersey</a> based Company. She is known to be the best at designing mobile applications and has been serving the industry since 2013.
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