Top 10 Low Capital Businesses You Can Do In Kenya, Egypt, Morocco etc

Top 10 Low Capital Businesses You Can Do In Kenya, Egypt, Morocco etc… One of the most common questions I’m asked as a business consultant is , ‘what low capital business can I start in Africa?’ There are lots of them and for the sake of this article; I’m going to disclose at least, 10 Low Capital Businesses you can do and still make huge chunk of money doing it.

This day, everyone is singing the song of survival and the only way to that end seems to be entrepreneurship.

Kenya is a land filled with numerous business opportunities. But like Jack Ma said, people will always go for a job when presented with a job and a business. It’s saddening. And our dear precious education system isn’t helping.

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Before writing this article, I snooped around the web and I found a lot of pages, claiming to have list of low capital businesses. In the end, these are businesses that are not low capital after all. So, I Have decided to fill the gap and please, your only limitation will be your inaction. This article is born out of research and personal experience in the world of business.




A lot of people will overlook this business because it looks demeaning. But it’s not, especially to the ladies who have no business at the moment.

This business entails having a shop at the toad side and selling cooked noodles to customers. It’s one of these low capital businesses you can do.

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This is a Levantine meat preparation, where lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, veal or mixed meats are placed on a spit and may be grilled for as long as a day. It’s one of the most low capital businesses you can start and make money for yourself. Not only it is low capital business, it’s also one of the most lucrative businesses anyone can do in Kenya.



This business is very lucrative and at the same time, not capital intensive. You heard me. It’s a low capital business. You can start this business with as low capital and still make tons of profit. The only downside is that, it’s a seasonal business.



Just recently, I got a call and the voice from the other end asked, ‘sir, is recharge card business one of these low capital business that anyone can start?’ my response was affirmative. Not only is it a low intensive capital business, it’s a profitable venture that anyone can start.

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Here’s another business you should consider delving into. It’s a skill business that requires creativity and a good location to be profitable.

In this business, you also have to be fast when creating your products. The faster you are, the more you sale and make money in return.



All you need to start this business is just as attractive portfolio and an amazing team. You don’t need an office until you have enough finance. It’s as simple as meeting with people about to host an event like birthday party, wedding, anniversary etc. and help them make a proposal with an attractive portfolio to help trust you.



This business is also among the low capital business you can start in Kenya. It entails acting as a middle man between a T-shirt printing company and the customer. For example, you advertise yourself as a printing company, capable of customizing to any design or pattern. When you get the job, you visit a printing company to help make the product a reality. In the end of the day, the customer pay you, you pay the company and pocket your gain.

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This is also one of the low capital businesses to start, especially if you have a land already. Agriculture is a goldmine when done well. In fact, it’s among the untapped business opportunities anyone can do in Kenya and make money.



You might be surprise to see this here. Well, it’s an online business that can make you a fortune if the ball is well played. It requires low capital, but a return depends largely on so many factors. This business requires knowing a lot before success can be assured. Blogging is among the low capital businesses, but you need knowledge, experience, patient and consistency to make it at the end.



Last but not the least is cucumber business. I know of a young boy, an orphan in the university here in Kenya who feeds himself, pay his school fees and live comfortably just by being into cucumber farming. What he does is buy the cucumber seed and plant. He harvest in bags and sell off. Imagine what a bag full of cucumber goes for. The business requires low capital. Just make sure you have a land and you’ll be just fine.

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That is it for top 10 low capital businesses anyone can start in Kenya.

All you need to make your dream business happen is to undergo a research. Conduct a feasibility study, a market survey. Have as many knowledge as possible cause that’s all you need is you must be a successful entrepreneur and in the end, you’ll be glad you walked this part. Let go of fear and make this happen.

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