Bluetooth speakers are popular not only in teenagers but also in adult and the craze of Bluetooth speaker is increasing day by day. There are lots of amazing qualities Bluetooth speaker with some advance features available in today’s time that will not only surprise you but will also force you for purchasing it. Nothing beats the convenience of Bluetooth speaker if you want a fast and an easy way to play music around your home or while taking a walk.

Bluetooth provides you an easy access to your favorite music, No matter whether you are running, walking or just roaming on your terrace; you can use it anytime and anywhere. You only need to charge it up, pair it to your mobile-phone and simply play your favorite & entire music collections whenever and wherever you want. The joy of listening your favorite music on Bluetooth speaker will take you to another level of enjoyment. With so many gadgets on Amazon and other online stores, finding the best one is always a tough task. To make things simple, we have done the searching and below is the short list.

Here is a list of few Bluetooth speakers :-

  1. Anker Sound-core Flare :- The design of Anker sound-core flare mashes-up with several great Bluetooth speakers available in the market. It is water-proof and provides an impressive sound quality. It includes an excellent mobile app but can be harsh at the maximum level of volume. It combines an excellent feature of its competitor into an affordable package that is really tough to beat. It is water-proof and will provide superb user-experience but having an average battery life. The wireless range is 20m/ 66ft and will provide you with 12-hours of average battery life.
  2. Bose Sound-link Revolve :- Here is an excellent 360-degree for your home and is a superb choice for those who are looking for a true 360-degree listening experience. It is expensive but provides an excellent sound quality and is having a beautiful design. It is not fully water-proof, which make it unsuitable to carry it to the beach. It is great for sharing music during the party and roaming around the room without losing an audio fidelity.
  3. JBL Flip 4 :- Here is a good quality Bluetooth speaker with some good changes and improvements over Flip 3. It includes better sound quality and provides good battery life of 12-hours, whereas this device is fully water-proof instead of just a splash-proof and also having a more durable fabric covering. There is an improvement in bass but still lacks some real bass punches. It looks similar to Flip 3 but is really a slightly bigger speaker with some interior changes.
  1. UE Boom 2 :- Here is a compact and durable wireless Bluetooth speaker with some interior key changes which makes it better. It is totally-waterproof, stain-resistant, shock-resistant, provides louder sound quality and strong battery life of 15-hours. Like other Bluetooth speakers, this speaker will also allows you for streaming the audio from near-by tablet, smart-phone, regardless of an operating system or the source app. It can be paired with second UE speaker for a stereo sound, whereas it is improved with some small but key design upgrades and an enhanced sound.
  1.  Tribit X-Sound Bluetooth Speaker :- Here is an amazing, wireless speaker with extreme water-proofing and killer audio quality. With its crisp mids, rich bass and crystal highs this speaker is perfectly suitable for experiencing an immersive listening, and even at maximum level of volume the dual 6W power drivers will provide shocking sound without any distortion. It provides long-hour playtime of 24 hours, 66ft Bluetooth range and the Bluetooth-4.2 technology allows for fast and secure connection, whereas its 66ft Bluetooth range allows you for playing your favorite music without getting disconnected. This stylish looking speaker provides you fully-immersive 360 degree quality sound that will take your music to another level of enjoyment and allows you for experiencing a cool theatre experiences.
  2. Bose Soundlink Mini-ll Bluetooth speaker :- Here is a superb quality ultra compact Bluetooth speaker of BOSE featuring the built-in microphone. It provides full natural sound with deeper bass, whereas its built-in microphone allows you for receiving calls and making easy wireless connections anywhere and anytime. It is smaller in size and lighter enough to pack into your bags. It provides a battery-life of 10 hours and it also uses the voice prompts which make the Bluetooth pairing process simple.
  3. UE Megaboom-3 :- Here is an amazing megaboom-3 Bluetooth speaker with full vocals, huge bass and good sound quality. It is waterproof and can be paired with other boom models for a stereo sound and also offers a good battery life. It contains nicely balanced bass, treble and mid tones and is also water-proof for 30-minutes in 3-feet of water, whereas the speaker offers a 20-hour of playing on a full charge and also allows you to pick playlists to get assign the Magic button. It has impressive signal strength and works through several walls indoors.
  1. Fugoo Style-S :- Here is a stylish looking Bluetooth speaker featuring the power & Bluetooth pairing buttons on the right side, as well as a LED indicator for power status. It is water-proof, dust-proof and can also withstand being dropped. It performs well on acoustic music’s and provides an impressive loud sound quality without distortion. It has 100-feet of wireless range and maintains a strong connection from over the 50-feet indoors. It also offers several varieties of accessories that you can attach to the speaker including strap mount and bike mount.
  1. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom :- Here is a superb ultimate ears wonderboom Bluetooth speaker with good sound quality and super durable design. It’s neat and simple design includes slip-resistant rubberized plastic capping on the top and bottom side and a tough mesh grille of water-resistant fabric around its circumference, whereas the speaker is water-proof, so that it can get submerged in water for 30-minutes without any issues. It maintains a secure connection up-to the range of 100 feet and provides 10 hours of battery life at 75% volume level.
  2. Riva Festival Multi-room Speaker :- Here is an excellent multi-room Bluetooth speaker with elegant design. It offers powerful and detailed sound signature and is absolutely simple to use with Android or iOS. It is designed beautifully with rounded exterior surrounded by stout metal grille, whereas the over-all design of speaker is little bit utilitarian and perfectly suitable to place in living rooms. The top of the speaker includes 4-buttons for controlling the volume and song skip, whereas an optical audio port is also present at the back side for connecting to a home theatre system.
  3. Big Blue Party Bluetooth Speaker :- Here is a well designed and visually appealing speaker that provides you a well balanced sound with strong punchy bass so that you can feel the super-clean highs and full mids. The sound of the speaker remains clean and clear even at the maximum volume level and there will be no distortion issues. The Bluetooth connection works fine within a range of 15-ft, whereas the pairing process is easy and takes few seconds only. It is designed beautifully, as is totally covered with silver aluminum grille, top and bottom sides are protected with rubber, also a metal carrying handle is available at the top. Whereas the speaker features a futuristic blue button with blue LED-circles around it present in the middle of it. The speaker looks small but performs bigger, hence can be one of a great party choice.
  1. Aiwa Exos-9 Bluetooth Speaker :- Here is an attractive, nice looking and visually appealing speaker with punchy bass, full detailed mids and super clean highs. This is one of a best portable Bluetooth speaker that will absolutely provide you a great music listening experience. The AIWA Exos-9 speaker set includes battery, speaker, AUX audio cable with 3.55 mm jacks and charging cable with ac adapter. The front panel is covered by black aluminum grille, whereas the top, sides and rear panel are made with plastic. Its pairing process is quite simple and It also uses a Bluetooth V4.2 device which allows you to pairing with any Bluetooth enabled device within a range of 50-ft. Since with its 5 powerful drivers situated inside the speaker, it is one of a loudest portable speaker available in markets.
  1. Sound-Cast VG5 Bluetooth speaker :- Here is a great quality portable Bluetooth speaker that will provide powerful Bluetooth audio performance with its dust-proof design, defined highs, huge bass response & crisp and splash-resistant. It is large but portable speaker that provides you an experience of thunderous audio in an outdoor friendly design.
  1. Marshal Stanmore Multi-Room Speaker :- Here is a great quality multi-room speaker with loud and detailed sound. Inside a box it is nicely wrapped in microfiber leather cloth with golden accents. It also includes knobs that are super-smooth and feel great while adjusting the volume level, whereas it also has 7 presets available and compatible with Aux, WI-Fi, RCA and Bluetooth. If you are having more than one speaker, then you can connect the speaker to the multiple others and control them through an app.
  1. Dali Katch Bluetooth Speaker :- Here is an amazing Dali Bluetooth speaker that provides you smooth and engaging sound. It delivers powerful and full-bodied sound and also having a great sense of timing and dynamics. Inside the speaker you will find two soft-dome tweeters of 21mm and a pair of aluminium woofers that is 9cm. It also includes 3.5 mm Aux connection, buttons for power volume and Bluetooth-4.0 for making Bluetooth pairing. Hence using this Bluetooth speaker will give you an amazing experience while listening your favorite music’s.
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Finding a Bluetooth speaker for an outdoor activity is tough and tricky task. Before selecting the first Bluetooth speaker that takes your fancy its worth considering that will it be mainly used at your home and what you really want from it. The simple connectivity, funky designs and an ease of use have make them so popular that almost every person in today’s time want to purchase it, Whereas the Bluetooth speakers have now evolved to provide an excellent sound quality.

Today’s the wireless speaker are a clever products along with latest streaming technologies, personal voice assistants situated inside.  An excellent Bluetooth speaker doesn’t sacrifice the sound quality. Some of them offer 360 degree sound quality, impressive room feeling while the others can be connected together and used as a stereo pair in more traditional configuration. They also incorporate good features like multi-room ability, long battery lives and water-proof designing, which make them great and luxury products.

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