Do you want to increase your search traffics this year? If yes, this post is really for you! A lot of new bloggers and webmasters are entering the bloggosphere on daily basis but some seem to turn back due to some certain reason – Lack of traffics to their blog.

In this post, I wouldn’t show you how to get tons of traffics alone, but also how to make your blog/site search engine friendly and generate tons of Organic traffics to your Blog everyday! Below are Unavoidable Seo Tips Newbie Webmasters and Blogger Shouldn’t Avoid


SEO Tips All Bloggers / Webmasters Should Consider This Year

1. Know when (and how) to use robots.txt: The robots.txt file gives instructions to a search engine crawler about how to index your site. It can request that certain directories are not indexed. If you want your entire site indexed, you don’t need to include a robots.txt file.


2. Use the right top level domain: The correct top level domain will help reinforce that your site is relevant and trustworthy. While the number of top level domains is regularly increasing, it is often best to stick with a local country domain (such as or an established international domain (such as .com).

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3. Existing clean domains have more power: A site’s age can help boost its ranking, as long as it has a clean link history.


4. But always use a new domain for a new project: At the same time though, you shouldn’t try to cram a new project into a domain you already own, just for the sake of that authority. Don’t be afraid to get help.


5. Help with content: Copywriting services can help you create compelling, dynamic, and relevant content for your website.


6. Help with coding:  A web developer will be able to ensure that your website is properly coded, meaning no broken links or misused tags.


7. Help with images: Getting the right images might be a matter of turning to an image library, or hiring a photographer. In either case, relevant and unique images are easy to find.


8. Help with keywords: Keyword tools are readily available online, but you can also work with an SEO professional to come up with different ways of searching for the right terms.


9. Help with SEO planning: Having a strategy and goals in place is key to any SEO effort. An SEO expert can help you determine what you should be working towards in your work. Get the most from your content.

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10. Set authorship: Google Authorship came to a close year before last, but setting authorship is not a dead concept for SEO. While it might not offer you the byline and image within SERPs,

Author Rank can help you establish authority and might influence your site’s ranking.


11. Don’t hide behind logins: A search engine can’t index post which it cannot access. Logins can limit what a search engine is able to index, so don’t add them unless they are necessary.


12. Unless there’s a reason to hide: One reason for keeping something hidden behind a login is if you are redeveloping your site. Keeping the new version hidden behind a password is an easy way to keep it out of search engine results.


13. Make sure citations are correct: Regularly check your citations on sites such as directories, Google Maps, and online phone books. An error in these can damage your SERP ranking and misdirect potential customers.


14. Use the meta description to attract clicks: The meta description tag gives you the opportunity to write a concise summary of your page content. This will often be shown below the link in SERPs and can be more compelling than the first few sentences of your page’s content.

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If you follow the above tips vividly, your blogging career will never remain the same and will compell you to success. Do you know more tips that are missing out here? You can use the comment area to drop your tips and suggestions!

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