Pursuing a college degree and having a business appear to be inconsistent. Isn’t that so? Many individuals think you can’t join this two together (i.e business and education). But if you can maintain a balance, you can make money as a  student. There are hot ways students make money legitimately.

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What other place would you be able to do this if not on the web?

As a student, you can profit on the web and still deal with your academic life.

The most interesting thing is that you can do any of this stuffs anywhere and anytime without much stress.

Here are six different ways to earn online as a student.

You just need to follow my post till the end.

Six Hot Ways Students Make Money

1. Freelancing/Blogging

Make money online as a student

Freelance or have a blog and get paid for the stories you write.  (Jobberman)

In this digital age, if you can write, you can make money.

Your writing skill can help you make some money as a student.

Freelancing and blogging are associated with writing and with your writing gift, you can conveniently make money by writing for online platforms and get paid for your contents.

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2. Online Registration

With your laptop and internet access, you can make cash from online registration.

You can assist fellow students with their course registration, Scholarship applications, School fees payment and charge them for the service.

3. Video Editing

Make money online as a student

Video Editor  (Techpoint)

The world is tilting more towards video consumption.

Instagram artists, for instance, need the services of video editors to survive.

As a student video editor, you can make a lot of cash from video editing and buy your editing gadgets from the money you make.

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4. Graphic design

Make money online as a student

You can make money as a graphic designer on campus  (Studentsworldonline)

This skill is also in high demand. Graphic designers are needed everywhere these days.

Since every business finds it difficult to survive without being online, graphic designers are as highly needed as businesses need a digital presence.

As a student-graphic artiste, you will make a lot of money designing visual concepts such as logo, banners, advertisements, brochures, magazines and so on for big and small businesses.

5. Social media management

Make money online as a student

As a student, you can make money by being a social media manager.  (Adlibbing)

If you build a reputable brand on social media as an influencer, you stand a chance to make money.

Companies will contact you to market their products on your page for a reasonable amount.

You can also manage social media pages for brands by increasing engagements and helping them to gain followers.


6. Earn Money Reading News

NNU income program

This one might sound funny but it’s really rocking.

About a week ago, I wrote a post on this blog about how to make money reading news  (you can check the post).

There are currently two websites, that pays you while you read news, drop comment, you refer someone and get paid a commission and so on.

  1. NNU income program
  2. Wakanda Nation Program

Instead of wasting your money on betting and other things that are not important, why not invest 1300 or 1600 Naira only and you can make upto 30, 000 Naira monthly or more than 6,000 Naira weekly.

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The Bottom Line

These are the 6 hot ways student make money legitimately.

Do you know any other way students make money legally?

Use the comment section to share with us!


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