Who else wants more blog traffic? Hands down, everyone wants it. Unfortunately getting traffic to a blog is not easy. Every single visitor counts. Getting huge blog traffic without SEO requires technique which I’ll discuss here below.

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One of the hardest things for most bloggers is boosting their traffic. If you have a fairly new blog, it’s definitely a daunting task.

The number one reason most bloggers quit is because they don’t see any growth in their traffic. If you’re one among them, this article is for you! We’ll discuss a few growth-hacking tips to grow your blog traffic without actually doing any Search Engine Optimization .

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Are you ready?

In this first phase of this technique will be centered on how to create an “after post” checklist to get more visibility.

Did you know that you’ll get better results when you spend most of your time on promoting your content rather than creating it? Blog post promotion is to get more visibility on your blog posts.



If you’ve created a great blog post, instead of sitting back and waiting for someone to find your content – it’s way better to create a content promoting routine. After you publish a blog post, make sure to do the following:


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1. Promoting on social media:

Social media is the new SEO. If you want to boost your overall website traffic, be active on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Almost every blogger on earth use these social media networks, so you’ll get more exposure for your blog posts if they have attention grabbing headlines.


2. Posting to forums:


Find out the relevant forums in your niche and connect with the other bloggers. Share and comment on their links, and whenever you have posted something on your blog, make sure to submit your links. And ask for a feedback from other bloggers. This is the surefire way to get more visibility on your posts.

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3. Submit to social bookmarking sites:

Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious – all are social bookmarking sites that have huge readers. If your post does well on these sites, take it for granted that your overall search traffic will also increase overtime.


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4. Leave comments on other blogs:

Want to get more comments on your blog posts? Then, start leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs that are similar to your blog’s topic. Use their names while leaving comments and ask intelligent questions to spread your name across the blogosphere.

Spend 2/3 time on promoting “others” stuff and spend the remaining 1/3rd time on promoting your stuff. Why? Everyone wants more shares, likes, tweets and comments. But most people don’t spend much time on promoting others.


What happens if you spend most of your time on promoting others stuff instead of yours? Bang!! You’ll get more attention from the bloggers. You’re also helping the community by promoting quality stuff on your networks like Facebook and twitter.


Eventually, you’ll get more visibility, followers and shares on your own posts too. So where do you go next? Then see the results and watch your website traffic grow.

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Well, increasing traffic to a blog or website is not a rocket science, but by following what works, you can dramatically boost traffic to your blog posts.Use the growth hack techniques mentioned above, pick anyone of them and start implementing.


The best part about using growth hacking to your content marketing strategy is this: you’ll get results really fast. They don’t take months to see the results. You’ll see the rewards within days or weeks.


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Wrapping up

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply growth hacking techniques to improve your blog traffic. Do you have any more strategies that will increase website traffic without doing any SEO? Let me know if you’ve any more insightful growth hacking tips in the comments.

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