Websites with attractive visual elements perform much better than simple text-based interfaces. In this article, we are presenting a list of the best WP plugins for visual content modification. WordPress is one of the most user-friendly web-building tools with convenient features that attract users to convert HTML to WordPress or migrate from other platforms.


The websites created with the open-source CMS are known for their amazing SEO capabilities. Their potential can be enhanced even more with the introduction of attractive visual elements. There are numerous plugins available that can help users modify the content as well as the appearance of their interfaces. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Best WordPress Plugins For Visual Content Modification

1. Elementor

One of the best-known page builder plugins, Elementor replaces the default WordPress editor with its own frontend editor. It has more than 300 pre-built templates which can be used for building an interface.

Adding background colours to posts or pages and even background videos to sections can be easily done with the plugin. The premium version of the plugin comes with additional beneficial features.

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A rotating carousel for displaying images or videos and a powerful image slider widget are included in Elementor Pro. A standard feature is a lightbox which pops up whenever an image, link or button is clicked.


2. TinyMCE Advanced

A basic version of TinyMCE Advanced was the default editor of WordPress until a few days ago. People who have still not switched to Gutenberg can take advantage of this product. It will enable them to add, remove, and arrange the buttons on the editor’s toolbar.

The plugin is, in fact, a combination of 15 other plugins that are enabled depending on the chosen button. It helps in creating and editing tables besides inserting page breaks, spaces, emoticons, date and time etc. The drag and drop interface will be especially helpful for amateur users.


3. Post-Thumbnail Editor

A common problem faced by website owners is the random cropping of their post thumbnails. This is because WordPress crops an image exactly from the middle. This ruins the visual appeal of the interface and affects the traffic.

Post-Thumbnail Editor plugin is the solution to this issue. Once installed, it gives users total control over how they want to display a thumbnail accompanying a post. Not only crop an image but they can also configure the size of the modified picture.

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Even if the new image is smaller than thumbnail size, then a border will be added to solve the issue.


4. NextGen Gallery

The next entry on our list of best WP plugins for visual content modification is NextGen Gallery. It is one of the most popular gallery plugins available to WordPress users. A flexible product that can be used by amateurs looking to display simple galleries to professionals like photographers who want to present their work in an attractive manner.

A thumbnail and a slideshow gallery or a compact and list album are included in the basic version. Users can modify the style, size, timing, transition, lightbox effects and other things with the plugin. They can upload photos in bulk and also retain the metadata while doing so.


5. Media Grid

Grids are an interesting way of displaying visual content and Media Grid can be helpful in the purpose. Creating huge grids with numerous elements can be done quickly with the plugin. Users can display any type of media with this product.

Based on what you see what you get the principle, all the changes can be previewed live. Not only media but posts can also be displayed on the grids made by the plugin. It supports shortcodes and HTML so that even large image files do not affect the page loading speed.

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6. wpDataTables

It is not only images and other media that can be used to visually support the text content. Tables, charts, and graphs can be useful in explaining a complex content matter to visitors.

The wpDataTables plugin enables people to effortlessly create tables and charts without needing to input any code. The product can be used to create responsive displays for all kinds of case scenarios. A paid product, it comes with 6 months of support and lifetime of updates.



These above-mentioned WP plugins for visual content modification will be helpful for website owners in increasing the visual appeal of their interfaces and attracting more traffic.

Linda Wester

Linda Wester

Brandon Graves is a WordPress developer att HireWPGeeks in the USA and manages the services for HTML to WordPress conversion. He also shares his articles with tech-savvy peoples to help them in the form of tips and tutorials. Follow him on Facebook to get instant updates.
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